Innisfree No-Sebum Powders – Review And Giveaway

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As already announced on Instagram my blog anniversary is in this month :))) In the next week I’ll celebrate my first year of blogging with YOU all and I’m so excited to show you my new ideas and share them with you :3 I mad so many plans to make this blog more interesting and informative for you :) But since it’s almost 1 year now it’s definitely time for a GIVEAWAY :) Today I’ll review two amazing products from Innisfree, a Korean brand which has a bunch of amazing products you should try – and the best: you can win both of them if you enter the Giveaway :) The giveaway is international and ends on 31.03.2016.Just enter the Rafflecopter below :)

Why should you enter? If you like Korean products, or you ever wondered how they are and you want to convince yourself , or just if you think my review convinces you. In addition Innisfree is one of the top natural brands of Korea, which is a huge polus for them :3

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact

The Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact is a powder is used to absorb sebum, control oily skin and refresh it. Innesfree claims:

-The double sebum-control system controls the secretion of sebum to keep the skin soft and fresh all day long.
– Jeju minerals and mint control skin oil and moisture to keep skin healthy.


The mineral pac comes in a light green packaging, very plain, and the size of the powder is very compact, a little bit smaller than the average powders like MAC for example. On the front you just see the product brand and product range plus the information that the product contains Jeju natural mineral and natural originated mint. When opening the mineral pact, you see that it contains a cute powder puff and a mirror, which is a plus point if you’re going out.


Like any other mattifying powder just use the powder puff to gently apply the product around the entire face or areas with high sebum concentration after using your usual makeup products.


Mattifying: YES! A huge yes to the mattifying effect. It absorbs oil and makes the skin look soft , matte and velvety. In addition it seams to be very soft on the skin and smooth. Small pores are covered a little bit, and the skin looks healthy.


It’s a little bit whitening, so you have to distribute the powder very good and take care to take just as much as you need and not too much.

Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder

The Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder is a powder which makes the skin texture smooth and brightens it with a soft blur effect. Innisfree claims:

-Pore blur effect that covers skin bumps, makes the skin texture smooth and bright as if giving a blur effect, covering skin bumps caused by pores and fine wrinkles.

-control the oil and moisture balance of the skin and make it more healthy

-skin texture appears healthy and feeling smooth


The No Sebum Blur Powder is a loose powder in a bin with some little holes at the top, so that the powder comes in small amounts out of the container.


Tap lightly on the face with a brush as last step of makeup. Feel free to use whenever the skin becomes greasy or feeling oily.


The powder is so subtle and can easily be distributed with a brush and makes small wrinkles and pores looking finer and covers some small imperfections. The skin is looking more healthy and better, while feeling soft and smooth. The neutral shade of the powder adapts well on the skin and doesn’t make you look pale. In addition the skin gets a semi-matte finish.


No integrated puff or brush and unfortunately no mirror. The size of the product is very small.

All in all both of that powders are very good and the effects are satisfying. They both make the makeup stay longer on the skin and the makeup smudges not so easily as without it. I personally use the second powder at home, to cover more imperfections and give the skin a smooth finish. While going out at the weekends or evenings I take the first one with me to use it whenever my skin needs another mattifying touch. The price of 12$ for the No Sebum mineral pac and 10$ for the blur powder is a not too expansive, and although this isn’t a high-end brand, both powders are very long-lasting (if applied in the morning it worked for me the whole day at work, without letting my skin look oily). For a long and exhausting day or a night out I would nevertheless always take it with me (safety first :D ), especially when the temperatures are rising.

So now don’t miss you chance to grab each of one and don’t miss to enter the Rafflecopter below :3

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