Moto X Sunglasses X Cape

Always when I wear my beloved Mac Cyber lipstick I n e e d to wear something cool and edgy. I feel that the lipstick matches perfectly with the right outfit. It wouldn’t match to a sweet dress with flower prints.

When I got my Firmoo glasses, I immediately fell in love with them. Not only because the glasses are mirrored and I LOVE the shape of it, but I’m obsessed with the edgy summer vibes they spread :D And yes, we had some days with sunshine here in Germany too (and immediately I used that to shoot some photos, and paused my learning for the exams :D).

Back to the glasses: Firmoo offers a huge variety of with and without prescription glasses and sunglasses in different colors and shape, so that everyone can find the perfect glasses. I really like the quality of the glasses: While looking through them you can see everything clearly, although the glasses have a violet shade. The gold details look a little bit classy, but the shape and pattern of the frame give them an edgy and cool vibe.

Since the temperatures aren’t really high at the moment I still need something warm to leave the house. A fashionable and cool alternative to a cardigan is a cape or a poncho. I love the rust shade of the turtle neck cape, since it is very vibrant and strong. It looks a little bit like my hair had the color of the cape a LONG time ago and faded away until now :D By the way, the cape was a huge bargain, since it is currently on sale for under 15€! Don’t miss to grab it below!

Combined with a moto leggings the oversized cape looks not too big and clumsy but fashionable and casual. A moto leggings is always a good possibility to make an outfit eye catching and if you wear something oversized with it, you can wear it even if you don’t like your shape of legs or hips.

Of course you need to add the right shoes to give the look a cool, feminine but also fashionable touch: I was so happy that the shoe store Görtz here in Germany sells this heeled grey shaft sandals again this year :)) The dark grey doesn’t give the outfit a pop of color, so that the eye catching colors are definitely the cape and the sunglasses, but makes your legs looking longer and slim!

I hope you all had a fabulous start into the new month and I hope you have better weather than we here , to get more into spring mood :)

Get The Look

Firmoo – Sunglasses

First&I – Cape

Leather Leggings – (similar)

Akira – Shoes

I Am – Accessory

MAC – Lipstick



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