NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Worth The Hype?

For ages I thought about tying out more products from NYX. I heard so many amazing things about that brand, but unfortunately you need to order their products mostly online, because only some shops sell them. I heard so many great things about the   NYX  soft matte lip creams, that I was getting more and more curious about them. After watching some swatches online I decided to buy 3 lip creams, of course red and berry shades, which I always prefer: The red one Monte Carlo and the berry-shades Copenhagen and the darkest Transylvania.


The product doesn’t come in a special or unique packaging, it’s just the typical “lipgloss-container” with the integrated applicator in the black cap. The rest of the container has the color of the lip cream with the list of ingredients in a very very very small lettering on it. It’s very plain, but the size is perfect to take the cream with you in your clutch or bag.


With the applicator you can easily apply the product on your lips. If you want, you can use a lip pencil before and fill in the lips with the cream.


While using that lip creams, the first thing I immediately mentioned is the smell: It smells p e r f e c t like ice-cream, a little bit like vanilla ice-cream I would say :D The scent isn’t disturbing and is very pleasant, not to strong, but makes the application wonderful. The formula of the lip cream is very creamy, soft, like a melting ice cream on the lips, without being sticky or greasy. After the cream dries, it creates a beautiful matte finish on the lips (you don’t need to wait long for that though).


Nevertheless there are some disadvantages of the lip cream, too. Sometimes you have to be careful not to use to much of the cream on the applicator, because there can be small color-blurs in the cream. I personally tend to look for that with every product, so it’s okay for me, but it’s one thing you have to keep in mind. The other “disadvantage” is, that you definitely should reuse it after eating.The color fades at first from the middle of the lips away, which looks a little bit funny :D

Will I rebuy it? Yes – definitely. I think 6 € for a lip cream, which indeed has to be used again after eating  but lasts without problems for about 4-5 hours (I haven’t tried more, since I ate not later than that :D Small snacks are okay for the lip cream, too..) is really affordable. The color of the cream is very bold and intensive, too.  I like that formula, which feels very good and smooth on the lips.

Have you already tried out the matte lip cream from NYX? I have to get my hands on more shades of them :) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and don’t miss to enter my giveaway to get the Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pac and the Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder(click >>here<< for my review), by entering the Rafflecopter below:

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