SKINFOOD Pineapple Peeling Gel Review

I finally have time to write down all my reviews, I wanted to do for so long :D so here is another Korean beauty product review of the SKINFOOD Pineapple Peeling Gel, which sounded quite promising :) SkinFood is a brand, combining food & beauty to use the benefits of natural ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin. I tried out some of there products already. Pineapple is not only very delicious and tasty, very fashionable but has already so many advantages for the skin. Because of that, I was so curious to try the peeling out. The peeling promises to exfoliate dry skin and eliminate sebum in pores.
Pineapple, aloe, and purslane extracts make skin clear and blemish-free. Sounds amazing, what do you think?


The peeling comes in a light yellow tube with 100ml. The packaging is very simple: On the front you see the brand and a picture of a pineapple with the name of the product. On the backside there are the instructions how to use the product and something in Korean, I suppose the ingredients.


After washing and cleansing just put the amount you need on the face and massage it in with circular motion. Than rinse with warm water.


The peeling pearls are very small and gentle, and the peeling feels very soft and can easily be massaged into the skin. It isn’t aggressive or harsh to the skin, which makes it easy to use it every day, without irritating the skin. The skin feels soft and smooth after the usage, but the peeling has problems to soften very , very dry skin areas. It needs more than a couple of usages to eliminate them. The skin feels very clear and healthy afterwards, blemishes seem to occur less than usually.


There is not the expected pineapple scent you imagine while eating a sweet pineapple. There is a kind of fruity, but not sweet scent, a little bit similar like a pineapple which isn’t ready to eat. I was really disappointed by that. On top it just seams to have a very very very small pore tightening effect. But since I don’t have really a huge problem with blackheads, I can’t ensure that one with my review.

I recommend this product for everybody searching for a gentle peeling for everyday use, who wants to make the skin look healthy and eliminate small dry areas. For someone searching for a products against very dry products this peeling is definitely NOT the right choice. Nevertheless the product can easily be combined in the morning and evening skincare routine to make the skin soft and smooth and removing dead cells.

You can get the product in lots of Korean shops, or on Amazon and Ebay. The prices differ from about 8-18 € depending on your location. I got mine on Ebay for under 10 € :)

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