Spring Ready With Denim X Suede

With the weather turning warmer it’s time to take out your favorite denim pieces out of your wardrobe. Denim is timeless, you can create amazing and different looks with different denim pieces, starting from cool denim in denim combinations, sweet denim dresses to casual denim looks. What could be more fashionable than combine one timeless trend with another trend: suede?

Today’s look combines a dark denim vest (which is actually a very old piece, out of my mum’s wardrobe) with a dark red, almost burgundy suede skirt from H&M with a button border at the front. This two key pieces look cool and casual together, almost a little bit rocky.

To make the look unique and special I love the current trend of patches and pins *_* With pins and patches you can make every outfit unique, fun, sweet or edgy, what ever you want. Om top you add a little bit of color to your own outfit. This pins are from Pindemic, a store selling some very cute pins, like the ghost emoji, the lucky cat or the rubber duck :D I love them :D The best: you can wear them not only with one clothing but always change if you want to wear them with a bag, a jacket or like me with a vest.

As some of you already heard on Instagram I cut my hair myself, because a lot of it was really damaged and dry :( So sad about that….Nevertheless I tried the “trending” cutting-yourself-hair-tutorials out, I have to say, for someone like me, who hasn’t straight hair and mostly curls the hair, it’s an easy way to cut away damaged hair, or just cutting the ends of the hair. I was surprised how easy it was :D Now they look healthy and thicker again :) I’m hoping they’ll grow soon again! Did you ever cut your hair yourself? What experiences did you make?

Wishing you all a wonderful week <3

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