Apples To Die For

Since I’m actually posting a lot of fruits and vegetables on Instagram I thought I have to show you more fruits , or fruit inspired beauty products :D With it two of my all favorite Korean products: A night cream and a hand cream.

TONYMOLY is a Korean brand which is one of the most famous Korean brands, I never made bad experiences with their skincare products (I have to confess I haven’t tried much of their decorative products until now). They often have the cutest packaging (if you saw for example the Panda’s Dream Eye Patches of the latest Mishibox you know what I mean :D) which makes their products for me even more interesting.

This time I will show you three products of the Apple-line (they have some products in form of several fruits and vegetables like apples, tomatoes, bananas): The Red Appletox Honey Cream, the Red Apple Hand Cream and the  Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream. They look so delicious  between the real fruits and my expectations were high, the first time I used them: A real sweet scent of apple, perhaps even an apple color?

What It Claims 

Red Appletox Honey Cream 

This daily skin care cream includes honey texture with actual apple honey ingredient for a sleep and resilient skin effect”

Red Apple Hand Cream 

“Red Apple Handcream protects the cuticles, other dead skin cells, nail. It’s texture is smooth like cream and provides a sweet apple fragence.”

Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream 

“Ingredients extracted from fresh green apple helps with exfoliated  dead skin and keratin for complete moisture skin. ” Green apple extract/AHA/papaya extract help the skin to remove dead cells while apple ingredients help the skin to look healthier.


All three products are looking like “plastic” apples, the peeling comes in a neon green packaging, the other ones in a red packaging, looking fruity and cute in a kind of.

All of the products have a small plastic lid inside, so that the products aren’t sticking somewhere  at the top of the packaging. The day cream has an extra “mini” spoon to make it more hygienic to apply the cream.



Red Appletox Honey Cream 

After your toner put a required amount of the cream onto your skin and pat it in, until the gel similar, creamy consistence absorbed into the skin.

Red Apple Hand Cream 

The hand cream’s usage is very obvious: Just put it on the hands or areas which need moisture, hydration and extra care the amount you need.

Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream 

Massage in for about 1-2 minutes a needed amount of the cream onto your face. Wait 30 seconds and massage again i  order to make the keratin fall out and rinse with warm water.


Red Appletox Honey Cream 

My absolute favorite product ever. I LOVE this cream and I use it for  2 years now (of course I try out other products too in the meantime, but this one convinced me so much I  bought it immediately again and just a while ago another time  – like you see in the photos :D). The honey in the cream makes it more rich for the skin and the moisturizing effect is perfect. I love how it makes the skin hydrated, protects it and I have the feeling that it makes the skin lot’s of healthier. I have to confess I don’t use it for day times (as I want my skin to be matte, especially the t-Zone – and I wouldn’t advice combination or oily skin to use it for day time) but I use it as night cream and it has a visible effect on the skin. If I have area which tend to have blemishes, they don’t come out, if I use that cream over night for some days :)

Red Apple Hand Cream 

The cream is so smooth and soft on the skin and hydrates it in an amazing way. I have the feeling the cream makes it look better and using it for dry areas like the elbows or knees has also a feelable effect.

Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream 

The peeling is very smooth and soft and therefor you can use it daily, which makes it a good cream to remove dead cells, give the skin back “power” and make it looks healthy, glowing and fresh. After messaging it in and waiting again, before messaging it in for a second time, you notice immediately after washing it out of the face that the skin looks better and feels better. Nevertheless the peeling is very gentle and you hardly notice the peeling pearls.

But the most important thing: the both Red Appletox creams smell exactly like a  sliced, fresh and sweet apple, in the moment where you begin to cut it and smell that fruity and amazing scent, which makes you want to eat the apple. The green peeling cream, also has this scent, but not so intense and strong like the other ones. I think this unique creams make the red creams my FAVORITE hand and skin cream in the past. ‘m in love with that scent, and nothing brightens you day more than smelling this wonderful scent in the middle of the day at the office or if you want to fall asleep.

All in all I think all of the three are really amazing products and for fruit lovers a MUST HAVE to try out :D

By the way I just wanted to add a litte quote to today’s post which inspirated my outfit: “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? “

Get The Products

Red Appletox Honey Cream

Red Apple Hand Cream

Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream



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