L’Oreal Jumps On The Bandwagon: Nude Magique Cushion

As already announced on Instagram I have a new makeup review for you: The L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion (14,99€) was released recently in Germany and I had to get my hands on it immediately because of two reasons: I love makeup and I LOVE cushions. Mostly I tried out Korean cushion, like the Etude House Any Cushion (>>click here for review<<) or the Pongdang Mulbit Glow Cushion (>>click here for review<<) and some others, which I haven’t reviewed until now. I love Korean cushions, they are so lightweight, and are perfect to take them with you in a bag, combining a puff to apply the Cushion on your face and a compact mirror inside the packaging. The perfect “on the go” product. So I was very curious to try this one from L’Oreal out!

What it Claims

The cushion claims to keep the skin hydrated and glowing. While looking fresh and healthy it has a medium coverage, to make you look flawless.


Let’s check the packaging: The size of the cushion is just perfect, to take it with you and hold it on one hand to check your makeup in the mirror. As stated above, this cushion also comes with a integrated puff, a mirror inside and in addition a wonderful packaging with violet metallic colors, and nude colors. The lettering on the product is plain and simple in white. I would love to tell you what stands on it, but the first thing which happened after removing the security strip and the sticky tape, which kept it on the cushion was that the wonderful and beautiful packaging was destroyed. The sticky tape removed the color on the front of the cushion. A blogger’s nightmare :D MY nightmare :D I hope you excuse my bad photos because of that…I know packaging is not the most important thing, BUT for me packaging is really so important. I like cute designs, or feminine ones, and this one is completely destroyed now and imaging that I will have that cushion in my bag, I’m sure it won’t look even like that for long. I’m really disappointed by that :(


The application is very easy: While pressing the puff slightly on the cushion releases a proper amount of the liquid makeup on the puff. With that, you can easily apply the foundation on your face, while holding the puff in the fingers.

applied foundation, not distributed


The foundation can easily be distributed on the face, while the skin feels hydrated and refreshed after the application. The foundation let’s the skin gets a slight glow and looks healthy. It feels a little bit “cold” and refreshing even after some time when you use the foundation, like a cooling daily cream a kind of, which makes it perfect to take with you in summer. The coverage is on the other hand rather light to medium, not medium. Although you can tap more often to get more of the foundation out of the cushion. Small pores and impurities are covered easily. If you have some big imperfections you shouldn’t miss your concealer to get a flawless skin. All in all the cushion has a good quality and some advantages, especially for warmer turning weather and it is very useful to take it with you if you’re going out and don’t want to take a brush, a foundation and a mirror with you. Here you have all that in one product.

distributed foundation

One last really disappointing fact is, that only 3 shades are sold in the drugstores in Germany . When you want more shades , especially for the summer months, this one I got, is the darkest. Seriously, are we only having three skin types here in Germany?! I think NOT. Even most of the German-skin types are getting a tan which wouldn’t match to that cushion. If you want to get more shades, you have to look out in the US or online to get yours. I don’t know if it’s the same with other countries in Europe? Well done L’Oreal…that wasn’t such a good move…

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L’Oreal Cushion



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