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In the last time I thought about my past year of blogging and how everything started. I remembered that I posted two smoothie recipes already, but I almost forgot that I did that :D Since I got a new Smoothie Maker in order to take always a smoothie to the office I thought it’s definitely time to show you one delicious, tasty and not so common smoothie (If you follow me on Snapchat – @misslovattitude –  or Instagram you definitely saw some of my smoothies already :D)

Smoothies are a good alternative to the breakfast, or your dinner (if you prefer eating less in the evening). I love to drink it in the mornings, so I feel fresh, healthy and prepared for the day. Especially this one is very rich and not too sweet, but tasting creamy and refreshing in a kind of.

What You Need

one orange

one banana

one avocado

fresh pressed lemon juice (half of a lemon)

ginger (depending on you taste)


Oranges and lemons 

Oranges and lemons are a very important ingredient to do a detox and give the body back what it needs: vitamins, especially vitamin C.


Spicy ingredients are also very important and a must have to take care of your body and help to stimulate the digestion. On top I made the experience that I feel more awake in the mornings, while tasting something spicy.


Many people think that avocados are unhealthy BUT avocados have a very high nutrient value  and add a unique and delicious taste to any meal. In addition avocados are very high in potassium, which reduces blood pressure, strokes and kidney failure. This is probably one of the reason it’s called a superfood.



Especially if you’re working out you should eat bananas to give your body energy. Bananas also strengthen the nervous system  and contain a lot of vitamin B-6 , manganese and Vitamin C.

The preparation is very easy: Just start to blend the ingredients and fill in as much water as you want, to achieve a not creamy but drinkable consistence of the smoothie. And tadaaaaa, you’re super delicious smoothie is ready :)

I love to drink this smoothie. It’s sooooo yummy. Are you also a smoothie-kind of person? Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes?



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