Smoothie Bowl: Matcha And Banana

Smoothie bowls are the must have if you want to have a healthy but also good breakfast to start the day with energy and power. Even if you’re not a breakfast person, you shouldn’t skip breakfast, it gives your body the energy to start the day and you’re prepared even if you’ll have a long and exhausting day. You already know that I love smoothies, no matter if fruity smoothies or green smoothies, but one of my favorites if I’m a t home and have time to prepare are smoothie bowls.

Basically smoothie bowls are very similar to usual smoothies, the ingredients are all healthy and fresh and you can decide what you want to eat. Of course fruits have more fructose than greens. The basic difference is: you can decorate the smoothie bowls with whatever you want: chocolate (not healthy but yummy :D), nuts (good to start the day), fruits or even vegetables if you want. The smoothie consistence is slightly more viscous than a smoothie, it almost reminds a kind of yoghurt.

Today I’ll show you two very similar smoothie bowls, one cocos-banana one  in addition with matcha for the matcha lovers like me :D

You need:  

2-3 Bananas ( Yes, I’m a huge banana lover as you might already have recognized)

2 cups Cocos Milk – I love the Alpro Milk (Of course you can use any milk)

250ml Cocos Yoghurt – yes, for Alpro :D (yep, as above you can use normal yoghurt here, too)

1 teaspoon of matcha 

Decoration: the more colorful the better

Just blend 2-3 bananas with a 2 cups of coco’s milk and 250ml of the yoghurt together until there is a creamy, yoghurt-similar consistence. Afterwards you can either add a teaspoon of matcha and blend it with the ingredients or just use it without matcha. Of course you can also use something else than banana to create the smoothie bowl, just make sure that the consistence is creamy afterwards.

This was already the “hardest” job of making the smoothie bowl :D Just add as many fruits, nuts or anything else to make it beautiful and delicious. I swear , if you’re putting more efforts into decorating the bowl tastes so much better :DI love adding different fruits to it, this makes the smoothie bowl taste different with every single spoon you eat :D And the different fruit tastes are so refreshing and sweet. If you want to eat something sweet and not so healthy, this banana cream tastes more than PERFECT with chocolate, chocolate chips or small mini cookies and sprinkles :D Feel free to try out your creations and I would love to see or hear about them :D



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