Marshmallow Dreams

Oh yes, I dreamed for sooo long of buying a Colourpop lippie. On every photo on Instagram it looks amazing on the lips and so many bloggers are hyping that brand. Nevertheless Colourpop isn’t available in the stores in Germany but since I’m a huge fan of online shopping AND searching for good prices, I finally found one of the lippies , and one shade of the Colourpop lippies for an acceptable price (but unfortunately not for the 6 $ you find it in the US! I definitely need someone shopping for me in the US and sending me packages :D )

What It Claims

The Ultra Satin Lip is a lightweight, bold lipstick with a Satin finish, which feels comfortable on the lips. The color is very pigmented and extremely long wearing, but not completely kiss proof.


But let’s start with the packaging: The lippies comes in a very elegant white packaging, where the name is stated and in a very modern holographic way the product category it belongs to: “Ultra Satin Lip”. I like this creative and young packaging, it’s not exaggerating but still unique and elegant. Inside the lipstick is in a lip gloss typical container, which you can turn up, to apply the color on your lips. You can clearly see the color of the lippie through the container: a mixture between grey and lavender.


Using the integrated applicator is very useful and makes it easy to take the product with you. The lipstick can easily be distributed over the lips and feels very efficient.


First of all, don’t miss to use a lip primer. I have only the MAC Prep&Prime lip primer, so I used that one. The first time I tried it out I used it without a primer, and the lipstick really felt dry on the lips. With primer, you don’t have that problem anymore and it feels very smooth and soft while using the lipstick. The formula quickly dries on the lips, but since the color is so much lighter and different from the natural color I had to use more of the product, slightly a little bit more than usual on the inner lips, to avoid that it looks awkward, while pursing my lips :D The color is very bold and saturated and looks EXACTLY like the container of the product and like you would expect it to look. You don’t need to use more than one layer to have a wonderful and bold color on your lips. Let’s face it: The color looks AMAZING and very unique and if I could get it here for 6 $ I would buy ALL shades.


Nevertheless almost every lippie has negative parts too: Long lasting. Yes. But not kiss or food-proof. That’s a fact you have to face with this lippie. The stains of the lipstick still remain and to put of everything of the color you should use waterproof makeup remover or face oil, but that’s exactly the fact, while eating something oily you definitely have to reapply it.



All in all I’m so impressed by that one, since the color looks very rich and exactly like on the photos on the lips (I didn’t expect this) and the formula feels good on the lips too. If you’re searching for a lippie with some unique shades, or just nude shades, this is totally worth to try out and I’m happy I bought it :D

Get The Product

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip – Marshmallow

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip – Marshmallos – US

Mac – Prep & Prime




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