Sailor Honey Moon

We hadn’t much summer weather in the last days, so immediately when the sun is whining and temperatures rising EVERYONE (and I really mean everyone) is going out. Of course I took that opportunity to put on some summer clothing, since I really have worn enough cardigans, jackets, coats and other warm stuff in the last months and I really DON’T want to wear anything warm anymore (unfortunately this is not possible for a long time in Germany – I know that..).


Nevertheless, I recognized that I have NOTHING with stripes – which is really strange since I love stripes and love the trend and it looks so summer-ready and a little bit sailor similar, especially in the colors white and blue and so I decided to change that fact to add a little white dress with blue stripes to my wardrobe:

This piece from SheIn is so perfect for the upcoming summer season, since the back is visible (and with cute, pink,  little TASSELS *_* – I love tassels!!!) and the dress has a slightly loose shape and bell sleeves. This sleeves do not only look fashionable, but they are so comfortable and even if it’s warm outside you don’t sweat because of them. I can totally imagine that dress at the beach on my summer holidays this year, while walking bare feet through the soft and warm sand *_* Yes, I’m daydreaming a little bit :D


And I just can say it again, I’m obsessed with that back of that dress: I LOVE this! And the best, you can tie the dress more loose or straighter to achieve a versatile look: a”normal dress” or a slightly off-shoulder look. I prefer the slightly off-shoulder kind to tie the dress, I think it looks more feminine and playful and the “beach” look would be perfect that way.

But let’s talk about the headline of this blog post: Have you wondered why I choose Sailor Honey Moon? Okay, most of you will know by now, I LOVE Sailor Moon, but what the hell – why “honey”? It’s not the fact that my name sounds similar to honey, no indeed the meaning of my name is “honey” so I thought that the little fun fact would match to that post :D

What do you think of this look? Have you already thought of the right “summer-beach” piece?

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