Sweaters And Shorts

Happy Tuesday my dear friends :) I hope you all had a wonderful start into the new week and enjoyed it. My weekend and the last days flew by so fast :D As you might have catched up on Instagram or Facebook : I’m officially  a dog mum now *_* And she is the cutest dog ever, already one year old and just a typical husky mix, who want to be cuddled all the day long after  making trouble everywhere :D Nevertheless this post won’t be about Laika (although I’m sure you would LOVE her :D) but about a casual and fashionable outfit, you can easily wear on daytime, with some very feminine and cute details.

You might have noticed that I barely wear any  sweaters. If I buy some, I usually don’t choose basic ones. Not because I don’t like sweaters, but since I’m playing Volleyball my shoulders are wider than they should be and my arm have s o m e muscles, too. Because of that I don’t like many sweaters, they look very slim on my arms , but sometimes even I can’t resist to buy one, like this blue, sweater, in a denim similar shade with some cute and feminine lace details on it. It’s a little bit shorter, so that it looks fashionable and could be worn perfectly with a crop top, too.


I combined it with leather shorts, with cute lace details, too. I got it a year ago at H&M but it’s such a wonderful piece making every outfit edgy, fashionable and unique. With that combination you look not too casual, even on day time but it’s still very comfortable and effortless chic. I love this contrast of the denim similar looking sweater and the fabric of the leather shorts, it’s somehow a wonderful clash of style, very interesting.

Of course heeled booties are a must for a sunny, but not too warm weather, like we have often here in Germany and of course: mirrored sunglasses (which I showed you already >>here<< with my yellow off shoulder top).   Nothing is cooler and more fashionable than mirrored sunglasses :D And yes, again I you see the famous photographer of almost every outfit photo from me :D Tadaaaaaa: Jan :D I have to thank him for all of the wonderful and lovely support and help <3

Who does take your photos most of the time if you’re on the pic? Have you tried out to shoot them yourself already? :D Wishing you all an amazing week my lovely friends and sending you hugs :)


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