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As you may already know I LOVE flower crowns, flower accessories and festival styles. Nothing is more fashionable, unique and cool than festival makeup or a festival outfit. Because of that I’m obsessed with the summer season and the local small and big festivals around here in Germany, where you can relax, chill and hear music or just have fun with some drinks and yummy food.


The perfect piece for such a occasion is definitely a romper. You can sit everywhere, without even thinking of h o w you sit or if anybody can see anything :D And on top and the most important fact: you’re looking amazing and fashionable in a romper. A romper is a casual and elegant mixture between shorts and a dress and yet it can spread boho vibes, if it has the right print, or fringed details like that one from Forever21 (25€). The cold shoulder look makes it even more bohemian and creates a feminine shape, especially with those bell sleeves with the fringed details. All in all this is looking very casual and relaxed and nevertheless a kind of chic.

Of course the main accessory for the festival season are flowers. Flower crowns, flower chains, flowers and now flower cat eyes *_* It was love at first sight, when I saw these cute , pink cat ears from Forever21 (6€) and I just knew I need to buy them and wear them for such an occasion (so sad I can’t wear them to the office T_T haha :D ). This would just add the right amount of cuteness to the outfit, without looking too adorable :D

But my best and most cute accessory this day was definitely my cute little Laika <3 Since we take her with  us everywhere she was of course out for a walk with us that day and simply didn’t want to stay with Jan, so that he could shot the photos. I had to take her with me on the photos and I thought immediately how fun both of our ears would looks :D Although I wore cat ears she still wanted to be where I was that day :D I think she might not have problems with cats ;)

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Cat Ears

I made a small selection of flower accessories and rompers for you below:



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