Kylie Jenner Posie K

There is a huge hype around everything Kylie Jenner uses and so of course everyone is curious about her lippies and the beauty blogger world seams to be obsessed with it. But if you’re from Germany you will soon notice that it isn’t easy to get her lippies here. If you’re lucky you can find them on eBay for 40 € and additional shipping prices, which can be very expensive too. I was so, so glad and incredible happy after I won the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Posie K on an Instagram giveaway and even more excited when the package arrived at my home.


First of all let’s start with the packaging, like always in my reviews: the lip kit consists of an lip liner and a matte lip gloss in the same color, which are in the Kylie-typical package , a white one with lips on it, which are covered with the lip color of the lip kit. The packaging is kind of elegant, but also a little bit sexy, just showing the lips. Of course Kylies name is on it and her signature, which you see on the two pieces inside , too.



The usage is pretty simple: You line the lips with the liner and fill them with the lip color. If you want to try to make your lips look bolder, you line the lips slightly around your lips instead on them, which makes them look bigger and give them the typical “Kylie”-touch.


The formula of the lippie feels very dry, but can easily be applied on the lips without any problems. Even the lip liner feels very gentle and soft on the lips. It smells like a mixture reminding me of candy and chewing gum for children – which I L O V E and I could smell everyday, This makes it pretty hard to N O T apply it again, even if you don’t need to apply it again. Drinking and kissing are almost no problem and I was very surprised that there wasn’t any stains on my glasses, even though I tested it Saturday night.



While applying the lip color you immediately feel the dry formula, which is very typical for matte lippies, (everyone loving matte lippies will know that feeling and as I told you already on my Colorpop lippie review, I tend to use a lip primer before lippies like that, which prevents my lips a little bit of feeling too dry and makes them look moisture and cared). This feeling can be very awkward or strange if you tend to use glossy lip-glosses or sheen lipsticks for example.  Nevertheless after eating too much – especially greasy things – you need to reapply it and no – it isn’t an indestructible color, but I suppose, that I eat too much  :D


All in all I think that this lip kit is a good choice and 29$ is a very acceptable price especially since you buy liner and gloss in one. But the  scent makes me addicted to it (be prepared to want more of them if you buy the first one :D) and I simply can’t get enough of this lippie. The color looks very bold and strong on the lips and very similar to the color on the packaging. This natural colors are very amazing and can create such a beautiful and elegant effect too. I wished I couldn’t get my hand on other lip kits, too soon (I’ll definitely look out for them), since the quality is really amazing and I have to say it again – the scent  :D – I know I told you that 3 times already, but you have t smell it by yourself to know what I mean :D

Have you already tried out the lip kits or any dupes? Does anyone has any tips where to buy the lip kits? I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend so far <3



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