Unboxing Mishibox May: Hydration

Yeah, the Mishibox of May arrived finally :) I know it’s a bit late, but they had some troubles with the delivery since they change the shipping service :D  This time 4 full size products and two sample size products were included in the box:

Mother-Made Cera-Cell Facial Moisturizer AM & PM(each 35$ – 103ml) 

Let’s start with the samples: Mother-Made Cera-Cell Facial Moisturizer AM and PM. With the daytime lotion your skin is intensely hydrated including a brightening and anti aging effect whereas the night lotion delivers deep hydration without oiliness. Both use the  Cell-Cera technology, which helps the skin look silky and moisture all the time. Both are used after cleansing and toner.

Secret Key Twinkle – Water Proof Gel Pencil Liner (8$ – 1,2g) 

I’m quite excited about that product, since I have to confess I’m not a big fan of Pencil Liners. I prefer liquid liners. Somehow I like the intense black color more than the shade pencils create. Nevertheless the pencil is supposed to be waterproof (YAY :D) and oil proof and of course long lasting.

Secret Key – Snail Repairing Sun Cream (8$ – 50ml) 

Summer is almost here and with it we have to take special care of our skin , also out face :) I have to admit that I often forget to use sun cream, since my skin isn’t sensitive at all for sun and sun beams, nevertheless it’s more healthy to use it and a sun cream with snail  secretion sounds definitely interesting and worth to try. Since I’m really convinced of snail ingredients since I tried a day and night cream with them.  You only have to forget about the ingredient itself, while using the cream :D:D:D I mean, secretion doesn’t sound really like a beauty-ingredient you want to put on your face – but it works :D

D’RAN  Wonder Serum For Nourishing &Revitalizing (34$ – 50ml) 

This is definitely the product, which I want to try out as soon as possible. It sounds really amazing : twenty carefully selected herbal extracts help to moisturize your skin, smooth wrinkles and brighten the skin tone.  Especially the ingredient list with Hyluronic Acid, Niacinamide and EGF makes me very curious about the serum.

Skin Ceramic – Donkey Milk Celluminator Mask Pack (3$ -25g) 

Yes, a mask *_* Time to pamper yourself with  a milky essence ampoule mask formulate with niacinamide and adenosine for brightening and wrinkle improvement. Squalane, macadamia seed oil, beta-glucan and fermented ingredients make the skin sparkle, soothed and hydrated.You simply put on the mask for 10-20 minutes.

All in all the box contains a lot of interesting and exciting products I want to try out immediately. Especially the sun Cream and the Serum are the products I’m most curious about and I expect a lot of them, especially since the Koreans have high standards for the skincare routine.

If you want to try their products out, don’t miss to  get 5$ off a purchase over 30$ with that link on their web shop :)



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