Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the colors making a debut lately and becoming one of the most fashionable colors for jewelry, too. I love this beautiful color, it looks a kind of antique, but also elegant and feminine and I’m so happy it is a trend color lately, so that even I could get some pieces from  Star Harvest Silver Jewelry in that color.


The Vintage Rose Gold Crown Necklace and the matching Bracelet from Star Harvest Silver Jewelry are two very beautiful pieces, looking very filigree and pretty. The theme of the crown is a little bit unique, but also a little bit royal making you feel like a little princess :D

Especially the combination with a lace off shoulder top looks very beautiful and girlish, making the look dreamy and a kind of cute.

I love the power of jewelry. They can create such a different look out of your outfit, even if you wear a casual denim skirt or short or something cool with it.

What are your favorite jewelry colors? Do you only like the classical gold/silver shades or prefere a little bit variety like me?

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