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First Benefit Boutique in Germany – I Raised My Eyebrows

When I heard that in my hometown – Essen – Benefit will open it’s first own Boutique in Germany I was excited – well okay excited is understated I freaked out :D I love Benefit not only for the beautiful packaging but also for their high quality products. The POREfessional primer, Erase Paste and POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder are just some of my favorites, for smooth and perfect skin and not to forget to mention the mascaras(Roller Lash *_*) , which are just amazing. I love the whole store concept which makes me always smile entering a store like that, full of beautiful quotes and beautiful products everywhere and yes hell their staff ALWAYS looks flawless, with perfect eyebrow, perfect skin and wonderful makeup. I always hope my makeup skills will grow one day :D

So this Wednesday the store finally opened (and yes, not in Berlin, not in Cologne, not in Düsseldorf, but here in Essen – the first Boutique –  “not-just-counter”  – in Germany *_*)and I knew I had to stop by and check out weather it looked like the boutiques I saw in London or other cities and I was so happy to go there (with Laika who thought everything was even more exciting and who got some cuddles from staff and visitors :D)

I used the opportunity to talk about the new eyebrow products and the staff helped me to bring the best out of my eyebrows. I also had my first brow waxing :D Yes you heard it right, it was my FIRST brow waxing ;D It didn’t really hurt but was quite relaxing not doing your brows by yourself.  And it was so interesting to hear the tips and how the brows should look according to the benefit-perfect-brow-shape :D Yep, mine are really not Bene-ready, I have to do a looooot to make them perfect in the next time :D

Of course I was so overwhelmed with the whole brow-thing that I immediately bought two of their products, the ones the staff used on my brows and I thought it looked so amazing, so that I wanted to try it out by myself and style my brows bene-perfect :D So if I try them out for a while there will be a review about them, too :) So excited if I can handle them almost as good as the staff :D

This is how my brows looked after the event – the little hairs around it were remmoved and the face looked brighter and smoother in my opinion.

Have you ever tried out the services at a Benefit Boutique and what were your experiences?




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