Nautical Feelings

As I already told you a while ago I got my first piece with stripes for a long time this year (>>click here<<) and I loved this dress. I thought of the nautical feeling this outfit spreads and since I’m going to Croatia this week I thought another similar outfit would be a good idea :D

This time I prefer a classy outfit, not casual, but also perfect for sunny weather and summer. Let’s start with the romper from SammyDress: The striped romper has a very casual cut, with wide legs reaching almost down to the ankles. The fabric is very light, perfect for warmer days and the half sleeves are loose and casual, too. Combined with a  pair of black heels, the jumpsuit looks very feminine, classy and elegant.

Of course everyone stopping by here more than once knows that I LOVE combining cute accessories to my look, so this time I combined this cute little straw hat with the sentence “Do not disturb” and this adorable clutch in form of a lipstick with it. You know, when I see such a cute clutch, I HAD to get my hands on it and this one is the perfect mixture of cute, classy and funny :D Doesn’t it look a little bit like the Chanel lipstick?

I was so lucky that the package from SammyDress arrived within 3 days! This is so amazing, since I always have to wait so long for my packages from other countries, but due to priority dispatch they arrived so fast and I had to struggle with Laika who may open the package :D (of course I won , but she didn’t want me to take pictures of it without her :D :D ). I was very surprised that everything was also packed in a separate cover to protect it during shipping.

Finally I’m so lucky with that outfit and so happy that it arrived before I’m heading to Croatia, so that I can take the beautiful picks with me to the beach *_* Especially the hat *_* I always wanted a hat like that and finally I got my hands on it and I’m super happy with it :)

I hope you all have a wonderful start into the new week and enjoy it :) If you want to stay tuned during my Holidays, don’t miss to connect on Instagram and Snapchat (@misslovelyattitude). I’m hoping for wireless lan over there :D

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