Unboxing Mishibox June

Every month I’m eagerly waiting for the Mishibox to arrive. I think I say it every time: I LOVE beauty boxes. The concept is so amazing and to surprise yourself with skincare and cosmetic treats, sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Why I love the Mishibox? There are always a lot of full size products in the box (4 of 6 products most of the time are full size) and Korean beauty products are mainly of high quality.

Let’s start with the unboxing:

Skylake – Oriental Herb Cool Shampoo (mini size, 5$ – 40 ml)

A hair product *_* I think this is the first hair product I remember in the Mishibox , so I’m very very curious about it. I don’t like Herbal scents and to be honest it smells a little bit like a sweet “Jägermeister”. Do you know Jägermeister? It’s a German hard liquor, which is very common here. So if my hair smells like Jägermeister, would I like the herbal scent then? Mhmm..I think this wouldn’t change anything :D Nevertheless, since I’m travelling to Croatia in 10 days, I think I’ll take it with me and hope that it convinces me there :D It states to stimulate hair growth, prevent dandruff and itchiness.

Skylake – Silk Cocoon Hair Conditioner (mini size, 5$ – 25 ml)

This conditioner shall keep your hair silky, healthy and soft while it contains natural protein and other nutrients. I’m so happy that it doesn’t smell like the other one, rather more slightly herbal, but more like this typical chewing gum scent (of course chewing gum for kids, but not as sweet like it would be). I’m happy that the conditioner smells so much better than the shampoo, since this is the last scent you smell when washing your hair.

COSRX – Acne Pimple Master Patch (full size, 5$ – one sheet)

The Pimple Master Patches prevents wounded or troubled areas from getting worse and helps them to recover. The inflammations are minimized after the usage. I LOVE this patches (I already tried them out apart from that box): They come in different sizes (7, 10 and 12 mm ) to cover different areas of the skin. You can use them under makeup, because the patches are clear (but I never tried this out, since I recommend using them in the evening and during the night). After the usage I have the feeling that the inflammations are getting so much better and smaller. If you “feel” that you get a pimple somewhere, just put them on the area. In most of the cases my pimple didn’t break out then.

Saint Peau – Baobab Water Storage Eco Friendly Snail Essence (full size , 16$ – 50 ml)

Snail. Snail essence. I know some of you wouldn’t dare to try it out, but I swear, since I tried it out snail secretion is an ingredient I LOVE in products. It really feels as if the product works and the skin feels healthy and cared afterwards. So this product is one of the products I’m most curious about in the box. In addition it can easily be distributed, the skin feels soft (after the first try) and it smells strongly like a typical women’s perfume. If you don’t like strong scents in products, this one could be too strong for you.

Urban Dollkiss – Soft Lip Balm (full size, 8$ – 10 ml)

Do I need another lip balm? Definitely not, but it’s sooooo cute and the package is soooo adorable :D I love this little apple packaging, and the scent is very very fruity and sweet (like the sweetest red apples you can imagine). I don’t like the fact, that you have to use your fingers for the application (or take a brush with you if you want), but it feels very gentle and soft on the lips and not GREASY.

Proud Mary – Ampoule Mask (full size, 3$ – 25g)

I got the Hyaluron mask, which moisturized, nourishes and improves skin elasticity. Since I love sheet masks, this one will definitely be used up soon :D (okay, perhaps not soon, I have quite a large selection of masks at the moment, but I’ll find a way to use it :D) .

Again the box consists of some amazing sounding products but I’m skeptical about that shampoo though :D I hope it will convince me while travelling :D Have you already tried out any of the products I got here? Or are you excited about any of them?

If you want to try their products out, don’t miss to get 5$ off a purchase over 30$ with that link on their web shop :)



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