Pink Bird – ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box #3

Ohhhhhh finally : I got an ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box *_* The ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box #3 :) For everyone not knowing ETUDE HOUSE or the Sweet Box: You missed something! ETUDE HOUSE is one of the most famous Korean beauty brands –even here in Europe and not without reason: The products have a very good quality and are so eye-catching, too. Once you got something from ETUDE HOUSE, you’ll understand me.  some of my first beauty reviews were also ETUDE HOUSE products like the ETUDE HOUSE Dreaming Swan Lipstick,  Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek Powder and the Dreaming Swan Collection Cushion Case &Cushion (don’t be too critical, they were some of my first reviews ;) ) and if you look at this packaging you know why I fell in love with the brand at once: it’s the cutest, most adorable packaging and being satisfied with the product just makes them more interesting.

I’m so happy that I was selected as a Pink Bird, which is a HUGE honor for me, meaning that I’ll get a box full with the newest products from ETUDE HOUSE each months until the end of the year. This month it was the Sweet Box #3 *_* The Sweet Box from ETUDE HOUSE are boxes in cooperation with Korean designers, this time with Dear My Universe, a very famous and popular brand.


The box contains of a bag from Dear My Universe, like a sachet, which can be worn as a simple carry bag or over the shoulder, which is the way I prefer. It looks so cute with that print on it and it looks smaller than it actually is. The fabric is a very solid one, and the quality looks very good. I like this feminine, playful and cute design, exactly what I love about bags :D

In addition to the bag there are two Play 101 Blending Pencils (currently available for 6,86$): the shade 5, a nude color and 20 an intense classy red. Depending on the color you can use them for the lips, cheeks, highlighting, contouring or eyeshadow.


For me the shade 5 is slightly contouring and usable as eyeshadow. It’s a lovely shade matching very good to my current skin shade and emphasizing the eyes not too much, but in a very subtle way. I loved the idea to use it on eyes and cheeks for contouring.

I had difficulties to blend it out on the cheeks, but the result was very beautiful. It was easier to blend it out on the eyes than on the cheeks.   is the same with shade 20, for the cheeks, you have to be very careful and blend it out more, the lips were so much easier: The matte color looks so beautiful and classy and it’s a very bold and intense color, which is perfect for the lips and a dramatic look. The color is very longlasting and drinking proof , it disappears only after eating something oily. Since the texture is very dry I suggest for everyone hating this feeling to use a lip primer before using the pencil, so that the lips are feeling hydrated and cared.

All in all the 101 Blending Pencils from ETUDE HOUSE are such a wonderful line up and especially the red color has conquered my “beauty obsessed heart”. I’ll definitely check out other shades from them.

I’m already so excited to share the next box with you all <3




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