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Support & Gratitude

Happy Thursday everyone :) It’s almost Friday, jippiieeee :) Today’s post is something special, not a usual post I share. Today’s post is all about support and gratitude.

What is so different about today’s post? I’m not showing you something new today from a shop you might know, today’s focus is all about these beautiful bracelets. Bracelets a fellow blogger designed and created and I immediately fell in love with them when unpacking the cute, and lovely packed package which came all the long way from the US to Germany.

These bracelets are made with so much passion and love from Vanessa, from WhatWouldVWear, who made her dream come true and got professional full-time blogger last year, while still creating her beautiful, self-made jewelry. Everyone getting in contact with Vanessa will definitely notice how lovely, kind and strong she is – and how ambitious and I admire that fact totally.  On top they are looking so elegant, so feminine and match perfectly to any outfit. Those tassels on them just make them more fashionable and a must have for anyone loving tassels (like me).

Supporting each other is so important, especially as blogger – without support you’ll definitely learn that your reach your limits at some point, but more important without it, you’ll definitely miss the chance to meet other amazing people, amazing blogger, amazing soulmates all over the world. You’ll miss to meet and know people who are so unique, lovely and beautiful –inside and out.

And this is exactly the fact leading me to think of gratitude. Gratitude I met every single one of you, being able to have new soulmates, new role models, new friends. Gratitude about all of that support YOU all gave me, all the encouragement and all of that love. Thank you so much for all of that supportive comments, all of you kind words and compliments. I’m so happy that we all connected and that you’re stopping by here, perhaps day by day, or week by week. Thank you.

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