Unboxing: Mishibox September

When this months Mishibox arrived, I noticed that I missed to post the last one :D August was so stressful and the  first days of September too :D And since I posted 3 blog posts a week I always thought I will post the unboxing the next week. I didn’t :D I totally forgot :D But now it’s time for an unboxing again and some quick reviews about this months products :)

Let’s start with the Mini-size products from Proud Mary: The Triple Waterzone Hydro Booster Serum and the Triple Waterzone Moist EX Eye Cream.

Proud Mary – The Triple Waterzone Hydro Booster Serum (15ml,  15ml-5$) 

Three kinds of beneficial waters, including Glacial Milk, moisture the skin and give it a radiant  look with the help of 9 herbal ingredients. After cleanser and toner apply the serum evenly over the skin and let it absorb.

From the first try the consistence is slightly  and viscous. It looks a little bit  milky bur can easily be distributed evenly over the skin and absorbs immediately without leaving the skin sticky. The skin feels immediately soft, smooth, hydrated and small lines disappear due to the hydration.

Proud Mary – Triple Waterzone Moist EX Eye Cream(10ml, 10ml-5$) 

To be honest, 10ml eye cream is not a mini size in my eyes, but a full size :D Since I think 10 ml last really for a long time. The eye cream is from the same beauty line like the serum and contains the same 3 beneficial waters and herbal complex to help tired and dry skin around the eyes to feel good and healthy again. It includes Marine Collagen and olive oil to improve skin elasticity and nutrition.

It’s a little bit more creamy than the serum, but has the same effects: it absorbs quickly and the skin is feeling soft, smooth and small lines are covered. You don’t need much of the product to cover your entire eye area, so I’m sure that the 10ml will last very long.

MCC – Waterbeam Glow Lipstick – Calming Rose (full size, 4,5g – 22$) 

YAY a lipstick :D Everyone knows I’m a lipstick junkie and so I LOVE trying out new ones. This one is supposed to be very good for the colder season , for dry lips  to ensure a high moisture while giving the lips color, too. My shade is “Calming Rose”, a very natural color mixture between red and pink, more intense than my real lip color. The texture immediately melts on the lips and it feels more than a lip butter than a lipstick. It looks very moist on the lips and gives them a high hydration, so that the lips don’t feel dry anymore. Perfect for office days on colder days. What I like is the smooth texture, but at first the color is sticking a little bit into the lip lines, until you press your lips a couple of times on each other to distribute the lipstick and moisture the lips. Afterwards it looks very natural and healthy on the lips.

Sam & Sean – Clay mask ( full size, 130g – 20$) 

The white clay mask is made with a combination of white clay and a variety of natural extracts (like Raspberry,  Tumeric, Mulberry Root and Lotus) against black and whiteheads and controls excess oil while brightening the skin. The mask can be used 1-3 times a week. Just put the mask on your cleaned face and wait until it dries (5-10minutes). Of course I used it immediately, since a good skincare is the most important thing:) My skin is a little bit oily at the moment and has some imperfections. After the usage it felt clear and clean and it looked way better immediately. Excited how it will turn out after use it more often :)

ThankYou Farmer – Cotton Mask (full size, 25ml – 5$) 

Anti wrinkle – nourishing – brightening – three promising benefits. I’m always so happy to get a sheet mask in the box and this one sounds promising. 5 $ sounds very expensive for a sheet mask and so I’m very excited how this one will turn out :)

This months Mishibox is all about hydration and smooth skin, perfect for the upcoming cold days. I’m excited to get my new box and to review it here for you :)

Wishing you a wonderful day my lovely friends:)

If you want to try the Mishibox or the products out, don’t miss to get 5$ off a purchase over 30$ with that link on their web shop :)



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