ETUDE HOUSE Any Cream Cushion Filter

Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) It’s time for the next post about the ETUDE HOUSE pink bird box this month. I already showed you the Moistfull Collagen Stick in that cute Dumbo packaging in this week (>>click here<<) and today we’ll talk about the Any Cushion Cream Filter.

You now I love to use cushions, although mostly I don’t find the right shade for my skin, since the most of them are too pale for me. Unfortunately this one was too pale for me, too, although it is available in 4 shades , but in the Pink Bird Box, was one of the lighter shades. But let’s start with the review:


The packaging is not so unique like that of the ETUDE HOUSE Dumbo Collection, but it’s a cute and feminine one too. The colors are light and the cushion itself has a modern metallic case, which is sparkling in different colors depending on the light. I think it’s the perfect mixture of adorable and yet a kind of fancy and cool.


Just pat the integrated puff on the cushion, so that the makeup is on the puff and pat it gently on your face. If you want to have more coverage you can use a brush to put on more of the makeup cream.


The cream is too pale for my face, so I use it under the eyes, on the nose, on my chin and everywhere I want to highlight my face. So I don’t use it as full covering foundation on my whole face. Nevertheless the coverage is a middle coverage, it covers small blemishes but not very bad ones, so if you have very bad pimples or blemishes you still need a concealer. The foundation  is slightly cooling, which is very pleasant while you use it and which makes you feel refreshed, perfectly for the morning use. It gives a very glowy finish to the skin, which makes you skin also hydrated and feeling cared, while you’re looking glowy and it created a lovely look on the skin.

The ETUDE HOUSE Any Cushion Cream Filter is the perfect cream to use over your makeup to create a wonderful finish with radiance or to use as cream instead of a makeup for everyone who is looking for a natural makeup look. If you got a lighter shade like me, I can recommend to use it as highlighting cream without shimmery pigments to emphasize the shape of the face. The cream creates a wonderful finish on the skin and is feeling amazing and refreshing on the skin. Through the cushion shape, it is a wonderful and easy go-to product, too, which you can use during the day for refreshing your makeup and yourself.

All products reviewed on my blog are of my personal opinion. This product was sent to me by This doesn’t influence my own opinion about the product.



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