ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Cream

You never can have enough lipstick, don’t you agree? I’m a lipstick obsessed and one day I have to show you my “small” selection :D Although I select lippies which I like, lippies which I love, and my best lippies at home :D I keep my best ones in the fridge, so that they keep cool and don’t break while I put them on :D The other lippies are in two different big boxes and some are in my bags which I use for the office :D I think at this point ever one get, that I have a LOT of lipsticks and lippies and I love to try out new colors, from nude, to reds, to berry shades or edgy colors.


When my ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird Box arrived I was so happy to see that I got three different shades from the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Cream lipsticks:

  • BE101, a natural nude similar shade
  • RD306, a darker red
  • OR205, a natural red

On top matching to the lipsticks, I got this super adorable purse. Isn’t it such a cute one in that pink with the lipsticks on it?!

But let’s start with the packaging of the lipsticks:


The packaging of the lipsticks is very feminine, and elegant, but a kind of girly too: the lipstick comes in a light pink and golden lipstick box. They all have this wavy pattern on the lipstick case, which is a little bit playful, and makes them look unique.


Just pull of the cap and twist the end of the packaging until enough lipstick is visible. Than put in on your lips, nothing special, just the “classy” way to use a lipstick or balm.


The texture is very smooth and soft on the lips, it feels very gentle and can easily be distributed on them.All of the colors have a good, but natural pigmentation, they aren’t matte, so that they don’t look so intense, but giving a wonderful natural and a little bit more pigmentation. It’s shining slightly and looks very beautiful on the lips. This three shades all create a very fresh makeup, not dramatic, but feminine, girly a little bit cute. The perfect lipsticks for a Korean makeup look.


All in all especially for the colder days, this lipstick is a wonderful choice to have color on the lips, but caring for them, too. It’s feeling so gentle, smooth and caring on them.

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