Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Crazy Clown Makeup

Oh, oh it’s almost Halloween and I’m all in Halloween mood the whole months :D Everybody knowing me, knows that I always love Halloween, the decoration, the costumes, the party – everything. I’m waiting so eagerly for that time of the year :D Me and my friends are thinking for weeks and months what to do and how we will look on Halloween. Again my look will be online exactly on Halloween on Instagram, but of course I want you to have fun and giving you inspiration for Halloween, too, like in last year’s Bride Of Frankenstein and the Werewolf tutorial.

Because of that I prepared a YouTube video for you, with an easy and quick tutorial which is very spooky and as I already announced where I can wear my dotted jumpsuit from SheIn, too :D I suddenly thought of that makeup, while shooting the photos and editing them.

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Wishing you a wonderful and spooky Halloween day



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