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Happy Oktoberfest

Currently in Germany everywhere we’re having Oktoberfest parties. Weather the “real” big Oktoberfest in Munich or local parties in every town. In my hometown and the town nearby we’re having some parties with the typical Oktoberfest music and food and drinks and yes, it’s all about having a good time, dancing, wearing Oktoberfest-clothes and have a good party.

When attending an Oktoberfest party as woman – a Dirndl or leather shorts are a must have, but since I actually wear more dresses than pants I always wear a Drindl. This year I got a new one from Spieth&Wensky and although I still had the golden one from last year (I showed it to you >>here<<) and I have an older green and red one I felt that I NEED to get a new one :D Haha, luckily I got some discounts on it, since I was a last minute shopper and the Oktoberfest season is already in full swing.

You all know I love dark red shades, and so it was love at first sight as I saw the beautiful dark red shades combined with lighter red shades and white in a check pattern. This dirndl has some floral and chain details at the front where you can lace up the ribbon. I think this  antique and old looking details are very beautiful and unique too. They give the Dirndl a more feminine, elegant and classy style, not modern, which I prefer. The floral details are picked up again in the cute apron.

I’m so happy with my new Dirndl and I’m excited to wear it again on one of our local parties :D Have you ever attend the Oktoberfest in Munich? I still have to go one day but I’m eagerly waiting for a chance to do so :D Would you wear a Dirndl or the leather shorts? :) I personally think the best is to wear a Dirndl, since it doesn’t matter which size or problem zones you have, a Dirndl always looks very flattering and complimentary and emphasizes your personal best parts of the body, weather you have the longest legs, a wonderful waist, a good rack or just the most beautiful presence :)

To inspire you a little bit I made a wonderful selection of different Dirndl for you and I hope you enjoy them :)




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