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Let’s Be Mermaids

Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) The last week went by too fast an suddenly after a week staying at home at get healthy again – it was over. I had the feeling I didn’t manage to do anything I wanted in that week. And here we are almost in the middle of October :D And I realized I didn’t do a Halloween post until now.

So today’s look is a little bit inspired by a f r i e n dl y Halloween look – for everone who doesn’t want to be anything just in bloddy and scary :D For that one’s who love to feel like a princess – a Disney princess – Ariel.

Ariel is one of my favorite Disney princess for some reasons: It was one of the first movies I saw several times and I always admired her for her amazing voice, her braveness, her adventures and her zest for action. On top she is beautiful, intrepid and yes: she is a mermaid. I guess this fact is the most important one, since I was always a sucker for fairytales and legendary creatures.

Several reasons to be Ariel this year at Halloween, what do you think? And pretty easy to create her look, as well: You just need a good makeup, making your eyes appear bigger in the colors green, violet or pink. I just used white, lightly shimmery pink and a dark violet. With the NYX white eyeliner and a black eyeliner I created a bigger eye effect under the eye. If you want you can add fake flashes , too to emphasize the lashes and eyes. I love doing this for a dramatic look.

Next step is the most complicated one: The costume :D No, you can’t make splits or run away in a mermaid costume. But let’s be serious: If you could choose to be a mermaid or run like an athletic wouldn’t you  choose to be  the mermaid? ;)

Even if you’re just having a sit in  at home and you don’t want to freeze, you can choose to put on a mermaid blanket. Have you ever heard of them? I wanted one for a year by now and this one was the best birthday present this year: My two best friends organized a mermaid kit for me, in this kit a self knitted blanket *_* Unfortunetely I’m a looser at knitting so I can’t give you any tips how to do it, but you can buy severals of them online :)

Would you like to be a princess this year on Halloween? Or do you choose a more spooky makeup and costume? I’m thinking of going for a super spooky costume but I’m not sure about it yet :D

 I hope I could give you some inspirations for your magical outfit <3

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Get The Look 


Blanket (similar)

Mermaid Cup 


Wig (similar)

For everyone just searching for mermaid inspirations I got a small selection of cute pieces here below:



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