Colorful Winter Coat

Winter is just around the corner, in some cities here in Germany we had today the first snow, so the temperatures are dropping and dropping and everyone being a summer lover like me is freezing and hoping that it’ll get soon warmer. But we all know: We have to wait for summer longer then we want :D

So there is one major question we all have currently: How to look good in winter outside. It’s not only the right boots, or the right sweater to keep you warm and fashionable – no you definitely need the right winter jacket to look fashionable, cool and unique and still keep warm.

While looking for a new coat and I searched for the right one to brighten my mood, I saw this colorful, fashionable and cute short coat with a fur details on the hood from Desigual. The floral pattern consists many of red colors, red, white and black and immediately brightens my mood through the fun and adorable print. On top it keeps warm, is feeling cozy and is very soft on the skin.

I’m usually keeping my coats very simple: black, white, brown, dark red – one colored without pattern – but I fell in love with this fun pattern and I love this designs of Desigual, because they are unique and playful and cool.

Have you already found your new winter coat? If you’re searching for a unique, colorful and cheerful coat or jacket, you should definitely have a look at their jackets, where you can find black coats with florals, classy black ones and patterned and colorful jackets.

Wishing you a wonderful and fantastic day my lovely friends <3

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