ETUDE HOUSE Pink Vital Water Serum

Happy Monday my lovely friends :) This week is starting with my review about the Pink Vital Water Serum from ETUDE HOUSE.  The water drop serum  promises to deliver moisturizing and revitalizing energy with lightly spreading droplet particles.It contains peach water and vitamins A, C, and E to give a long lasting  hydrating effect and make the skin glow.



The package is in  light pink which is checked with white lines, on it the name of the product a lot of Korean descriptions and on one side the “how to use it” directions in English.

 Inside the product comes with a pump under the cap and the bottle itself is also in a dark pink color blurring out to white at the top of the bottle. Again a very feminine, girly and cute packaging, but more plain then the special edition products from ETUDE HOUSE.


After cleansing and your facial toner, apply an appropriate amount onto the face and massage it gently onto the skin. The serum looks at first semi creamy, slightly watery, after distributing it looks like water, just transparent on the skin.


When putting the serum on it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t feel sticky, but slightly as if a second thin layer is added to the skin and melting together with it. It works very  good for irritated skin and  especially now in November when the weather is so much colder it gives a good amount of hydration and moisture to the skin. It can be used good under makeup and the makeup can easily be distributed on it, without looking patchy.

I love the fresh and fruity scent of the product, it isn’t to pushy, but very pleasant and the cream feels very relaxing and good on the skin.

All products reviewed on my blog are of my personal opinion. This product was sent to me by http://www.etudehouse.com. This doesn’t influence my own opinion about the product.



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