ETUDE HOUSE My Little Nutcracker Edition Part I

It’s time to search for cute gift ideas for Christmas and for all the Korean Beauty lovers I already have spotted the “My little Nutcracker” holiday collection from ETUDE HOUSE. The collection consist of eyeshadow, cushions and lipsticks and so many more products coming in a beautiful packaging, spreading Christmas mood with the adorable nutcracker on them.

I got a variety products out of that collection in my current Pink Bird package. Today, I’m introducing you the little My Little Nut Limited Pouch , which you get for FREE when you’re ordering something from ETUDE HOUSE until it is in stock. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity since the golden metallic pouch is just too cute with those nutcrackers on and is the perfect add on for EVERYONE loving makeup and needing a pouch or needing another one (let’s be honest – no woman has just one pouch :D ).

With that pouch I got two brushes (an eye blending and another eye makeup brush) from ETUDE HOUSE both in the My little Nutcracker design, pink with those little nutcrackers on it, one in blue and one in red. The brushes feels super soft and look so beautiful and I’m eagerly waiting to try them. Unfortunately they aren’t available on the ETUDE HOUSE online shop, but you can buy the normal edition from the eye blending brush >>here<<.

If you’re a lover of Korean cosmetics you should definitely check out the My little Nutcracker edition, since the design is just  perfect for Christmas and spreading real Christmas vibes while looking adorable, girlie and making everyone’s heart just jump :D I’m so obsessed with the products and I’m so excited to show you the other products out of the collection.




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