Posterlounge - Home Inspiration

Posterlounge – Home Inspiration

What is your favorite place to relax? A beach, the seaside or a spa are always a great idea. Your home  is the place you spend most of the time. It should be the place you spend most of the time :D.  This is the reason it should look cozy & perfect for you. I love to decorate my home with statement pieces, things & symbols I like or nerdy stuff.

Home Inspiration With Posterlounge

One of my favorite decorations are definitely posters, photos and pictures. You can create such a personal atmosphere with them. I LOVE statement posters, with a small quote or a funny & cute photo on them. With minimal colors, mainly black & white. They all express a little bit of my life & what I like. On top they make my living room look unique, not too clean & minimalistic.

Home Inspiration With Posterlounge

I choose 6 posters of Posterlounge to express myself and have positive vibes in my favorite room – the living room. This is the room I spend most of the time to relax and be creative. I love the cute & motivating quotes on the posters, which make me smile.

Home Inspiration With Posterlounge

On my Instagram account you can win a 20€ voucher for Posterlounge as little surprise. You can choose your own poster, canvas and more materials to create your perfect wall decoration. Isn’t this the best opportunity to start the new year?

Home Inspiration With Posterlounge



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