Organic Skincare: Hej Organic Cactus Series

Organic Skincare: Hej Organic Cactus Series



Happy Monday beauty lovers :) It’s time for a beauty post again, and today’s brand is 100% vegan, sustainable and fair and makes your skin glowy, healthy and purified again. This sounds amazing? Then you should definitely check out Hej Organic and their skincare series CACTUS.

I had the chance to test a huge product package out of this series and today you can read my final and detailed review about the single products here.


Let’s start with a brief introduction of the CACTUS series: All HEJ ORGANIC products are completely organic, vegan and not tested on animals. We’ve already seen the rise of safe and natural beauty products which you can see examples of here, but this is another important development. I was very excited to try out the CACTUS series (why don’t we have a cactus emoji here in Word?!) and excited what I will think of it. The packaging of the whole series is pretty simple: mostly a light green, with the logo “Hej Organic” on it and the products name. On the products, you can find three different symbols for certificates on it (vegan, bio controlled organic ingredients and from Plain, but very beautiful with that color scheme.


Organic Skincare: Hej Organic Cactus Series


  1. step of skincare: Cleansing with the Purifying Cleansing Foam *

Definitely my favorite product of the range. The foam is so soft and removes dirt and imperfections gently. It feels so super good on the skin while using it and if you follow me on Instagram you saw my post about the foam already yesterday. Infused with grapefruit extract & prickly pear blossom water the foam smells just AMAZING. I hope one day I can sent you the smell over via Instagram or my blog. Until then you just have to believe me (or just try it by yourself). The best, the cleansing foam helps even oily skin to balance out and gently clears the skin.

  1. step of skincare: Nourishing Face Tonic *

The tonic removes skin impurities, moisture the skin and leaves the skin looking hydrated, healthy and natural glowing. The scent is the same like the cleansing foam and the tonic leaves the skin feeling even cleaner and vitalized.

  1. step if skincare: Reactivating Face Fluid *

As last step in the morning you can use the reactivating face fluid, a milky fluid (with the same scent as the products above). It absorbs quickly and pampers the skin to prepare it for the whole day. It can easily be distributed all over the face and gives your skin a basic hydration and moisture for the whole day.


Organic Skincare: Hej Organic Cactus Series


This are the three products I tried out for the skin of my face. And I love how they are cleaning your face and giving your skin the right amount of hydration without being sticky or oily on your face. Since I have combination skin, it’s very important for me, that nothing leaves an oily shine on my nose or forehead. On top my skin feels very soft and cared after the usage.


Organic Skincare: Hej Organic Cactus Series



Cherishing Body Fluid *

The Cherishing Body Fluid is a milky fluid and still absorbs a quickly with giving the skin a nourished and very hydrated finish. You can simply use it after your shower or whenever you feel that your skin needs an extra spa session. Even areas, like the elbows or knees, which are always stressed, feel better after the usage and of course softer. Grapefruit extract and prickly pear blossom water have a calming and softening effect on the skin.

Regenerative hand cream *

The extracts of grapefruit and cactus support the regeneration of the skin, while the hand cream feels very rich and caring on the hand. The consistence is very creamy and the cream absorbs quickly. It leaves a slightly sticky feeling on the hands for a couple of minutes. This hand cream is perfect for very dry or stressed skin and immediately brings a regenerating effect.

The Unique Face & Décolleté Ghassoul Mask *

The usage is pretty easy: Just fill in with 10ml of water or with the face tonic (like I did) and gently mix it with the finger, apply on face and décolleté. After 15 minutes rinse it off with warm water. After the usage my skin felt very cared and not so oily. The ground clay absorbs oil and dirt (a fact which is very important for me with combination skin!). I saw an immediate positive effect on my skin. Definitive a mask which you should try out if you have oily or combination skin, to improve your skin.

Smoothing Lipbalm Cactus *

Unfortunately, this time the scent is not the typical scent of the rest of the series, but moreover a natural scent of bee. If you NEED a lip balm with a scent, this product is nothing for you. When you prefer a more natural and almost “none” scent, just try it out! The effect of the lip balm is very caring, the lips are very smooth and the lips feel pampered. Small lines on the lips are smoothed and the lips look healthy and still natural.


Organic Skincare: Hej Organic Cactus Series

I hope I could give you a brief overview about the products from Hej Organic and I recommend this product series for everyone, who loves natural cosmetics or everyone who want to find a series with a very pleasant and yummy scent :D And of course for everyone loving the ingredients like Cactus extracts and prickly pear blossom water. If you want to convince yourself about the quality, just head to the next Douglas and try them out :)


All products reviewed on my blog are of my personal opinion. The products which are marked with a * were sent to me. This doesn’t influence my own opinion about the product.




  • Christine

    Das klingt nach einer sehr interessanten Marke. Gerade da ich zwar recht gute, aber sensible Haut habe, wird mir auch immer wichtiger was in den Produkten drin steckt.

  • Jenny


    Can’t wait to have one of these Hej Organic cactus editions products or just all of them. I bet these products are simply amazing. Thank you for much for sharing. I hope next time you share a photo that you are using the product.

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