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Dr. Severin Review - For A Happy Skin


Wer von euch gehört zu den Beauty-Lovern? Ich persönlich liebe es neue Produkte auszuprobieren, Marken kennen zulernen und auszuprobieren. Oft überraschen einen Marken, von denen man im Alltag und der Werbung nicht viel hört und entpuppen sich als wahre Alltagshelden.  Von Dr. Severin hatte ich bislang nur sehr...Read More »

CURLSFIGHT with Bed Head



Today we’ll talk about curls and waves here on My own hair is long, wavy, but not a beautiful wavy, more a strange wavy, something no one would ever like. I need to use hair products to make my hair look better styled and healthy. BED...Read More »

Organic Skincare: Hej Organic Cactus Series



Happy Monday beauty lovers :) It’s time for a beauty post again, and today’s brand is 100% vegan, sustainable and fair and makes your skin glowy, healthy and purified again. This sounds amazing? Then you should definitely check out Hej Organic and their skincare series CACTUS.

Happy Tuesday beauties :) I know it’s quite long ago since I posted an unboxing with my first impressions. So finally, finally I will show you another one! Today I will unbox the Glossybox with you. One week ago the package arrived and I was so excited to...Read More »

InStyle Box - Spring Edition

Have you ever heard about the Instyle Box? No? You definitely should have a closer look at this box. Beauty, fashion, lifestyle and accessories – all topics in one box every 3 months. Every box has a special theme, this time it’s the Instyle Spring Edition. A...Read More »

NYX Faceawards: Festival Makeup

Happy Monday beauties :)

Finally the weather is getting warmer and sunnier. I love the warm weather. I’m totally getting in spring & summer mood. Therefore my newest YouTube video is a makeup tutorial for a festival makeup. I ‘m entering the NYX Faceawards with this Read More »

Valentine's Day With Rainbow Freckles

It’s time for a makeup tutorial for Valentine’s Day, since the last time I uploaded two outfit videos. I decided to show you a Valentine’s look (surprise , surprise, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner). BUT not a usual, elegant look for date  nights. Today’s...Read More »

Looking Back On 2016

Happy new year my lovely friends :) I feel like I’m VERY late with my first post in the new year :D But it’s only the 3rd! The last weeks and the Holidays passed so fast and I prepared a new post for YOU looking back on 2016.

Read More »

Advent Calendar : Korean Beauty Giveaway

As I told you before – I’m collaborating with amazing bloggers this year to create a advent calendar . Today it’s finally my day to share an amazing giveaway with you. I’m sure some of you will like it of be curious about it :D the best...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE My Little Nut Part II

Happy Tuesday my lovely friends :) Like promised you in my last post (>>here<<) I’m showing you the next products out of the adorable Christmas Collection of ETUDE HOUSEMy little Nut“. This collection has just a too adorable packaging and you can easily create a wonderful...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE My Little Nutcracker Edition Part I

It’s time to search for cute gift ideas for Christmas and for all the Korean Beauty lovers I already have spotted the “My little Nutcracker” holiday collection from ETUDE HOUSE. The collection consist of eyeshadow, cushions and lipsticks and so many more products coming in a beautiful...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Enamel Eyes Talk

Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) I hope you had an amazing weekend until now :) I though I might show you another goodie out of the Pink Bird Box from ETUDE HOUSE since the next box already arrived (don’t miss my unboxing...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE Skincare Patches

We already have freezing temperatures in the morning and my skin is really struggling with the cold temperatures, especially since I’m going out so often for a walk with my small puppy :D So I was so happy to get some ETUDE HOUSE Patches to give back hydration...Read More »

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Crazy Clown Makeup

Oh, oh it’s almost Halloween and I’m all in Halloween mood the whole months :D Everybody knowing me, knows that I always love Halloween, the decoration, the costumes, the party – everything. I’m waiting so eagerly for that time of the year :D Me and my friends are...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Cream

You never can have enough lipstick, don’t you agree? I’m a lipstick obsessed and one day I have to show you my “small” selection :D Although I select lippies which I like, lippies which I love, and my best lippies at home :D I keep my best ones...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE Any Cream Cushion Filter

Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) It’s time for the next post about the ETUDE HOUSE pink bird box this month. I already showed you the Moistfull Collagen Stick in that cute Dumbo packaging in this week (>>click here<<) and today we’ll talk about the Any...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Facial Stick

Happy Humpday my lovely friends :) When my new Pink Bird Box from ETUDE HOUSE arrived I was so excited what would be inside this time and  I was so happy to see something of the Disney Dumbo collection inside: Immediately the Moistfull Collagen Facial Stick caught...Read More »

Let's Be Mermaids

Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) The last week went by too fast an suddenly after a week staying at home at get healthy again – it was over. I had the feeling I didn’t manage to do anything I wanted in that week. And here we are...Read More »

Unboxing: Mishibox September

When this months Mishibox arrived, I noticed that I missed to post the last one :D August was so stressful and the  first days of September too :D And since I posted 3 blog posts a week I always thought I will post...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Skull Fall Collection Palette & Twin Shot Lip Tint

In the last week I showed you already some of my new ETUDE HOUSE products like the ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Stick Contour Duo (click >>here<< for review and >>here<< for my YouTube tutorial) and the Moistfull Collagen line featuring Dumbo (click...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Stick Contour Duo: Review & Quick Tutorial

This months Pinkbox got some amazing products in it (like the Moistfull collagen Cream with Dumbo on it, which I showed you in my last post >>here<<) and I was so excited to try them all out and showing you all of them. One of the products...Read More »

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Meets DISNEY

Where are the Disney lovers among us?! Well hands up! I’m a huge Disney lover and I think I love every Disney movie, especially the old animations. My first movie in the cinema was “Aladin” and it was so exciting to wat h it on the...Read More »

Not Without Kate

Today I want to show you one of my favorite lipsticks beside of MAC lippies. I already introduced to you two shades of the Rimmel Kate lipstick line (shade 111 , shade 30) and today we talk about shade 01 , my...Read More »

Dupes, Dupes, Dupes: Èclat no 212 X Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

Hello my lovely friends :) Do you know thast feeling  while going through Sephora or Douglas and smelling a wonderful perfume, matching totallaly to you and you hear the voice of the bottle calling for you? You grab the bottle and you’re obsessed  and want it so badly...Read More »

Pink Bird - ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box #3

Ohhhhhh finally : I got an ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box *_* The ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box #3 :) For everyone not knowing ETUDE HOUSE or the Sweet Box: You missed something! ETUDE HOUSE is one of the most famous Korean beauty brands –even here in Europe and not without...Read More »

Review: D'RAN Wonder Serum

A while ago I got this serum in my Mishibox (>>click here for unboxing<<) and I promised you to write a review. Now 3 month later and after using it for about a month now, I wanted to tell you what I think about it.

What...Read More »

Unboxing Mishibox July

After I came back from Croatia I saw that the Mishibox was shipped to me and I was so happy to open it immediately :D Since the package was almost wrapped up with shipping stickers, I knew that I couldn’t take beautiful pictures...Read More »

First Benefit Boutique in Germany - I Raised My Eyebrows

When I heard that in my hometown – Essen – Benefit will open it’s first own Boutique in Germany I was excited – well okay excited is understated I freaked out :D I love Benefit not only for the beautiful packaging but also for...Read More »

Unboxing Mishibox June

Every month I’m eagerly waiting for the Mishibox to arrive. I think I say it every time: I LOVE beauty boxes. The concept is so amazing and to surprise yourself with skincare and cosmetic treats, sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Why I love the...Read More »

Kylie Jenner Posie K

There is a huge hype around everything Kylie Jenner uses and so, of course, everyone is curious about her lippies and the beauty blogger world seams to be obsessed with it. When it comes to anything the Kardashian/Jenner clan release, you can only expect...Read More »

Unboxing Mishibox May: Hydration

Yeah, the Mishibox of May arrived finally :) I know it’s a bit late, but they had some troubles with the delivery since they change the shipping service :D  This time 4 full size products and two sample size products were included in the box:

Oh yes, I dreamed for sooo long of buying a Colourpop lippie. On every photo on Instagram it looks amazing on the lips and so many bloggers are hyping that brand. Nevertheless Colourpop isn’t available in the stores in Germany but since I’m a...Read More »


Since the temperatures are rising at the moment in Germany, it feels almost like summer with 25 degrees (Yep, in Germany 25 degrees are SUMMER temperatures :D) – of course we have some days with hotter weather (and I love them, but mostly the summer temperatures are between...Read More »

The Beauty Tag

I was tagged again :D This time – for the Beauty Lover Tag –  by my sister Laven from Berries in The Snow. Thank you so much, for tagging me my lovely and cute sis :)

For everyone loving Korean cosmetics or...Read More »

L'Oreal Jumps On The Bandwagon: Nude Magique Cushion

As already announced on Instagram I have a new makeup review for you: The L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion (14,99€) was released recently in Germany and I had to get my hands on it immediately because of two reasons: I love makeup and I...Read More »

Spotted: Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

A while ago I posted on Facebook that Wishtrend, a Korean online store with amazing products and brands, is searching for product testers for the KLAIRS Midnight Blue Calming Cream and I was so lucky when I heard that I was chosen to try it out....Read More »

Apples To Die For

Since I’m actually posting a lot of fruits and vegetables on Instagram I thought I have to show you more fruits , or fruit inspired beauty products :D With it two of my all favorite Korean products: A night cream and a hand cream.

TONYMOLY...Read More »

SKINFOOD Pineapple Peeling Gel Review

I finally have time to write down all my reviews, I wanted to do for so long :D so here is another Korean beauty product review of the SKINFOOD Pineapple Peeling Gel, which sounded quite promising :) SkinFood is a brand, combining food & beauty to...Read More »

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Worth The Hype?

For ages I thought about tying out more products from NYX. I heard so many amazing things about that brand, but unfortunately you need to order their products mostly online, because only some shops sell them. I heard so many great things about the   NYX ...Read More »

Innisfree No-Sebum Powders - Review And Giveaway

Hello my dear friends :)

As already announced on Instagram my blog anniversary is in this month :))) In the next week I’ll celebrate my first year of blogging with YOU all and I’m so excited to show you my new ideas and...Read More »

007 - Attitude, Lovely Attitude :)

Thank you Rossmann Germany for sending me the 007- For Women II perfume and body lotion for testing. I was so lucky to be chosen from the Blogger-Giveaway to try it out. I’m a huge lover of any fragrance: scented candles, room-scents, beauty products with scents...Read More »

Festival Inspiration: Glitter Eye-Brows


Every day we hear about THE must-have trends of makeup and fashion and hoe gorgeous they look on the catwalk: Speaking of glitter roots, furry nails ( Yes, have you already heard a bout this?! I would love to try it out, but how could you do ANYTHING...Read More »

Easy Festival Hair Inspo :)


The last days we finally had some sunny days and yes, this feels so spring-like :D Some beautiful flowers are blooming (of course not mine at home..they’re all dead – but I tried to revive them already and hope that they will live soon again :D ) and...Read More »

Unboxing Mishibox February: Hydration, Care and Preparation


Just yesterday I asked myself when this month Mishibox will arrive and just in time, while learning for my exams the box arrived to lighten my day :D This months box, has it’s focus on giving the dry winter skin back hydration, moisture and care to prepare the...Read More »

V-Day Gift Inspiration <3

Hello beauties :) Today I planed a special and unique post on my blog: I have a cowriter ;) My boyfriend Jan wanted to show you some ideas what to get for your sweet boyfriends or husbands :) Of course I have...Read More »

Glamour Germany And The Chanel Beauty Workshop

If you follow me on Instagram >>here<< (and you definitely should ;) ) you already know that I won a beauty workshop from the Glamour Germany with Martin Schmid – makeup artist from Chanel. I was so happy and couldn’t believe what just happened...Read More »

Mishibox: Boosting Your Skin After The Cold Weather

Time for another unboxing :) Yeah! I was so happy when I received the parcel with the Mishibox of January, and yes, it’s the first time where the box wasn’t full of stickers and delivery information :D I immediately grabbed the chance and...Read More »

Star Wars And Makeup?!


Yes, I didn’t post a video on YouTube since ages :D I know :D But I wanted to make more videos on YouTube this year (and I already have some amazing ideas) :) So here I’m with a new makeup tutorial. And what...Read More »

Going Out - Not Without Kate - Part II :)

I spend no day without lipstick. Okay, nearly no day, sometimes I just forget it while hurrying to the office at 6:40 am :D:D But beside of my morning routine I am a huge lipstick -addict :) You will barely see me going...Read More »

Review: Wonder Snail Treatment Cream

I promised you to review the D’RAN Wonder Snail Treatment Cream, after so many of you asked me to do that,  after I use it some time, to tell you about my experiences.

The cream is described with the following words:

If you saw my last unboxing, you know I LOVED the Mishi box, and every one who wants...Read More »

My First Mishi-Box - Unboxing :)

Oh I waited so patiently for this beauty box :)) Finally, after Memebox quit it’s delivery to Europe I wanted so badly another subscription box from Korea. Honestly I was never so satisfied with any beauty box than Memebox before. Weather it was the Glossybox...Read More »

X-Mas Lush Bubble Bath Goodies

Oh I’m loving that everything is sparkling now during the Christmas time. Not only the decoration, but also the Christmas goodies in every store. And what is one of the best ideas for nearly every female person as a Christmas-gift? Lush products :))

Who doesn’t love...Read More »

Spooky but Beautiful: Halloween Tutorial :)

Yes, yes, yes tomorrow is Halloween :)) I hope you all prepared your costumes, party’s and your Halloween decorations :) I have prepared another tutorial for you and I hope you like it :)

This time I’m going to...Read More »

Halloween Werewolf Makeup Tutorial

Not many days left until Halloween :) I LOVE Halloween, dressing up, the spooky and bloody makeup and to be with your friends, partying. What could be better than this? Every year me and/or my friends are throwing a little Halloween party. Because of this...Read More »

Boost Up Your Skin :)

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to review a skincare product from IASO. I didn’t know this Korean brand before, but I couldn’t resist to agree to that opportunity. I always made very positive experiences with Korean skincare product, but also...Read More »

The Blush Addict Tag :3

Quite a while ago, my sister Laven from Berries In The Snow nominated me for the Blush Addict Tag. She also mentioned she has way more lip products than blushes, and yes, I think this is an addiction of our family :D Nevertheless I HAD...Read More »

BB Cushions - Just The Korean Way! + Giveaway :3

Quite a while ago I ordered some product from Wishtrend. Wishtrend is an Korean online store with a huge variety of beauty products. They describe themselves with the following words:

“We believe that as long as you ‘WISH’ to be...Read More »

Unboxing Doubox September

Yeaaah, time for a new unboxing again :) Finally my Doubox (a Beauty Box of the German Perfumery Douglas) arrived and I was so excited and  happy to see my new beauty surprises! So this is what I got and a small first impression of...Read More »

Birthday Haul With Unicorns :)


Hey Gorgeous, it was really quite a while ago since I posted my last video on my YouTube Channel, but now I finally managed to put my Birthday Haul online (I know it’s really a little bit late but I had to show you my presents :D...Read More »

Friday Night - Not Without Kate!

Thanks God It’s Friday! Yeaaaah! It’s time to go out with your friends or girls to have a perfect night out with the perfect outfit, even better makeup and the most fabulous makeup to look amazing and gorgeous. Nothing suits better to every outfit, no...Read More »

Super Power: Micellar Water :)

Everybody is hyping the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water right now. That made me think of buying it myself and write a review how I feel and think about it. Garnier is one of the brands you can buy in every drugstore here in Germany. They...Read More »

Your Skin Needs Some Hydration :)

You know I’m a huge fan of Korean cosmetics and skincare products. Before some time I purchased the CLIO Water Me Please BB-cream. I saw many very positive reviews on YouTube and on reviews in online shops and I was very curious about...Read More »

Beauty Box Alert : Doubox :)

Yeaaah, another Doubox arrived last week. You know I’m addicted to beauty boxes. I simply LOVE the concept of them. I didn’t have the opportunity to write about the box last week, so I’ll take the chance and review you my box, since...Read More »

Cream-Wolf? Relaxing At Full Moon

You already saw my last product review about Lailly’s Steam Pore Pack(>>click here<<) from my order from Wishtrend. Wishtrend is a Korean Online Store shipping free worldwide. The online store with the slogan „Help you to be more beautiful“ has...Read More »

Heat Up Your Skin :)

Recently I ordered a huge package from Wishtrend. Wishtrend is a Korean Online Store shipping free worldwide. The online store with the slogan „Help you to be more beautiful“ has a huge selection of beauty products including beauty products for men. They sell...Read More »

The Power Of Violet On Your Lips

Since I got these two lip products from my trip in Paris I knew I had to review them on my blog. Although I introduced  you already the Urban Decay High Color Gloss (shade “Bittersweet“) and the MAC Cosmetics lipstick (shade...Read More »

Paris: City of Love & Fashion <3

It was quite a while ago, when I posted a video on my channel. Since there was a lot to do and I traveld a little bit it’s finally time for a second Shopping haul  video.

I hope you have fun and please leave your...Read More »

Unboxing Doubox July :)

Last week finally my beauty box of the German perfumery Douglas arrived: the DOUBOX. I totally love the subscription box concept, it’s like having birthday or Christmas every time.

I’m so sorry for everybody commenting already, but unfortunately Go Daddy...Read More »

Make Up Routines :)

Everyone has beauty routines. Weather in skincare, nail care, haircare or makeup. My “classical” makeup look (if I don’t want to try something new out but I’m going out with my friends) is every time the same. Sometimes the eyeshadow colour differs or the lipstick,...Read More »

Stardate -308514,84 – Amsterdam Shopping Haul :)

Finally I made my first YouTube video. I hope you’ll enjoy it and excuse my bad German accent :,D

I made two versions: one in German and one with English voice-over.

In the video I’ll present you my shipping haul from...Read More »

MIZON Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream :)

Mizon is a Korean brand, famous for their Snail Recovery Cream, is a cult brand of the Korean beauty market. They use many unusual ingredients to achieve the best skincare effect. The Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream contains 30% hyaluronic acid and various kinds of tree...Read More »

Unboxing Doubox June <3

You already now that I love subsribtion boxes :) At the moment I’ve subscribed to the Doubox, a beauty box of a big perfumery here in Germany. I was very satisfied with my first two boxes, especially the last one (>>click here<<). I was very happy when...Read More »

Perfect Matte Skin With The Indefectible 24h Foundation From L’Oréal

Everybody is hyping the L‘Oréal INDEFECTIBLE 24h-matting foundation and of course I wanted to try it out by myself, too.

First of all: I bought this foundation about a month ago. Since the summer in Germany came earlier than I thought the colour (30...Read More »

Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection - Lipstick <3

Recently I posted about some picks of the Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection (>>shop here<<). A collection in cooperation with the illustrator Kerrie Hess, who illustrated already for Chanel, Lois Vuitton and other famous brands. I totally love this collection of Etude House. The reason...Read More »

Junes Favourites: Add Some Summer Feelings To Your Beauty Routine

It’s already June again. The weather will get better this week here in Germany so that we’ll have the first summer temperatures. I really hope that we’ll have the great weather they promised this week :D I miss the summer and sunshine and I’m really hoping we...Read More »

Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura Beam

I’ve heard so many postive things about the Tonymoly Luminious Goddess Aura Beam, so that I was very excited about this one:

The packaging looks cute, but clear in a white and pink which looks very girly but not childish. I really like...Read More »

Unboxing May: DOUBOX :)

Last month I got my first Box of Beauty from Douglas (>>click here<<) so I was very excited what products would be in my next box. This month my box arrived before some days and immediately I saw they changed the name to DOUBOX.

Recently the Makeup Sticks are really booming. You can buy them everywhere and different one for different effects on your skin.

I bought two different ones: The L’OREAL Nude Magique BB Blemish Balm Stick and the Maybelline FIT me! Anti-Shine Stick. I usually use both: bb-creme...Read More »

Review: Berrisom My Triple Tint Balm <3

Last week my Berrisom My Triple Tint Balm in the shade 01 Red Balm (19,90$) arrived from WISHTREND (>>click here to get it<<) and I was very excited to try out the product. The Balm is available in 3 different shades: orange, pink and red....Read More »

Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection: Cushion Case &Cushion <3

I already told you in a previous post (>>click here<<) that I purchased some items from the Dreaming Swan Collection from Etude House at W2Beauty. I really directly fell in love with the super cute and special design of the products, and I just love the blush...Read More »

Etude House – Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek Powder <3

Finally I got my Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection package from W2Beauty *_* With the package I got a lot of samples and two sheet masks, which made me really even more happy. Thanks a lot for this, Alice!

Read More »

Urban Outfitters Blossom Lipgloss <3

The reason why I had to buy the cherry scented blossom lip gloss from Urban Outfitters (9 €) was very simple: It looks very sweet and I thought it could be a nice gift idea for any small occasion:

It’s a transparent...Read More »

May Favourites: Key Essentials <3

This month we have so many holidays and long weekends that I immediately have thought of writing about my favourite beauty essentials every woman should have. In May we have many possibilities to go party or go out with some friends. But our...Read More »

Innisfree Moisturizing Solution Kit<3

Again I got a free Solution Kit from Innisfree. Before some time I got the 8 Solution Kit Pore Care(>>click here<<). This time I got my Moisturizing Solution Kit and I wanted to show you my impression of this kit. The...Read More »

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes with L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara <3

Before some days I ordered YOUNIQUE Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. I was searching for a way to increase volume& thickness to my lashes, for going out in the evenings without using fake lashes. I’m really bad at using fake lashes, so it is...Read More »

Giveaway: UV Cut Sun Block 24th April – 23th May

I decided to start my first give-away :) I had really a great start with my blog and reached a lot of visitors and page views recently. I know I’m just online for a month but I think I’ll have to celebrate my amazing start...Read More »

Product Test: Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream <3

Finally I got chosen for a product test :) Yeah! I haven’t really good luck with things like this, so I was really happy when I got the opportunity to test the GARNIER Miracle Sleeping Cream:

The product packet consists of 7 samples of the Garnier...Read More »

Mac Haul: Toledo Lip-gloss & Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick <3

Today I wanted to show you my MAC mini haul. You already know, that I love MAC products and I’m really satisfied with the lipsticks I tested (look >>here<<) until now. This time I wanted to test one of the Toledo...Read More »

Glossybox Unboxing: I Believe In Spring Edition <3

I have showed you my last Glossybox in one of my previous post and again I was very excited when the Glossybox arrived today and immediately began to unbox. Every time it is the same with beauty boxes: I’m as...Read More »

3 Basics Essentials For Every (Small) Bag <3

Friday night! It’s weekend again. I’m sure some of you will go out this weekend. No matter what you’re doing it’s every time the same with our bags: Small purses and clutches look better than huge bags, but you can’t take anything with you.

There are 6 products in the box, 2 in original size and 4 in a large...Read More »

Innisfree 8 Solution Kit Pore Care Review

Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the island of Jeju.

Innisfree uses the benefits of pure nature and eco-friendly containers. The brand uses 70% natural ingredients in skincare.

The pore care Kit is described with following words:...Read More »

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream Anti Aging Review

Have you ever heard of the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream?

Well, Garnier promises a cream which adapts to your skin and makes it even and bright in addition to its anti-aging care. The cream shall abate your creases and improve the quality of the...Read More »

MAC Lipstick MATTE Lady Danger Review <3

I love red lipsticks! And I totally fell in love with MAC lipsticks since the first time trying one out. Especially the matte lipstick are really longlasting and the perfect lipstick to take with you, going out at night or for a special...Read More »

Klairs Rich Moist Facial Soap Review

Klairs is a Korean brand being famous to solve skincare problems, especially for those with sensitive skin, making everyday care comfortable and pleasant for sensitive skin.

Klairs know that cosmetics trends are changing, but the ingredients your skin needs doesn’t change. Klairs...Read More »

March favourites: Nail polish

It’s not only time for spring in your wardrobe but also on your nails! Time to enlighten your nails. Instead of using just the classical red-colors on your nails, spring is the perfect time to try out other colors, especially light an pastel colors. Here...Read More »

Unboxing #Glossybox March <3

It’s time for The Glossybox Unboxing again :)
Everything a woman wants – Everything a woman needs. In nothing but a box!

Glossybox is a beautybox you can subscribe for either 3, 6 or 12 months for 12,50 up to 15 euro depending on the subscribtion...Read More »

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