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Einen Tag später als geplant musste dieser Post online gehen. Das lag vor allem daran, dass ich die letzten Tage ordentlich versuche den gemütlichen Popo hochzukriegen und endlich mal wieder Sport exzessiv in hohen Maßen durchzuziehen. Weshalb der plötzliche Gedanke den Allerwertesten hochzukriegen? Nun ich war mal fitter...Read More »

Failing & Restarting

Lovely Attitude NA-KD

Restart. Kennt ihr das Gefühl einfach noch einmal neustarten zu wollen? Wenn man am liebsten einen Knopf drücken würde, um alles erneut zu überspielen? Während man spielt, ist ein Neustart das normalste der Welt. Man überschreibt seinen Spielstand und fängt einfach neu an. Nervig hierbei ist lediglich, dass...Read More »

Remembering Prints And Cactus Love

It’s already August and the summer here in Germany seems to be almost over :( Nevertheless there are still some sunny days and I LOVE to go out and enjoy the last sunny days. The best way to keep the summer mood during all summer months is just...Read More »

In Love With Bikerjackets

Happy Mother’s Day beauties :) I hope you all spend the day with your family and enjoyed to spend the evening together. My sister and I were visiting my mum just this afternoon and brought some Petite Fours for her. They were just delicious :)

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Spring Look: Maxi Dress X Rose Gold Adidas Originals

Hello my lovely peeps :) Where is the spring weather and spring mood? The last days I’m eagerly waiting for sunnier days to feel perfectly in spring & summer mood.


If the temperatures are just in between summer and spring and...Read More »

Timeless & Classy X Industrial Vibes

Happy Sunday beauties, hope you all had a wonderful day :) I’m totally stressed since we’re moving right now, but we ‘re almost finished.  Here are still a lot of things to do  although I try to keep you up to date on Instagram.

Happy Sunday beauties :) I’m totally in a romantic and elegant spring mood and using every minute to go out and enjoy the sunny days. With my mood, my wardrobe is changing a little bit, too :)

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Spring Mood With JORD

Happy Tuesday my lovely friends :) Spring is here and it’s time to stock up your spring wardrobe & the perfect accessories to keep fashionable in this season. In spring we all tend to wear pastel shades, easy fabrics and layer to create the perfect outfit. I still...Read More »

Metallic, Ruffles And Embroidery

Happy Monday my lovely peeps :) I know I’m not posting regularly at the moment, but I have a very important exam in the end of march and yes – I’m learning all day :D Nevertheless I try to keep you up to date at least once a...Read More »

Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair

Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) Life is too short to have boring hair or wear boring dresses. Don’t you agree? Today’s look shows how my blue  hair turned out after using the L’Oréal wash outs & sprays. I’m so excited to try out more colors of this...Read More »

You Always Have Pizza In My Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely friends! My quote of the day is definitely: You always have Pizza in my heart :D.  Not only because I love pizza, but I think everyone loves pizza – or at least should love pizza :D.  This year statement tees are definitely a...Read More »

Velvet OKB And Skaterdress

I almost forgot to post this outfit and so I decided to show you my LBD from ASOS. I have a crush on it :D. Since I love black clothes, especially with my ombre hair (yes, here my hair is still silver/grey ombre and not blue like you...Read More »

Sweater Dress With Puff Sleeves

It’s still very cold here in Germany and I hope it’s getting warmer soon. Luckily most of the days are still sunny and not rainy and grey. Until spring is coming we still have to keep warm and fashionable.

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Wishlist January: Winter Elegance

Wine-red and white are the perfect colors for the first month of this year. I love how good they match together and how beautiful it looks. Every time this color combination especially with a dark brown or a black reminds me of Snowwhite *_*

A must have...Read More »

Getting In Shape With Fabletics

It’s pretty cold outside and the Holiday season has definitely made me gain weight although doing volleyball and ballet work out. But the delicious cookies, yummy food, and a lot of warm drinks  and sweets have made my tummy grow. Nevertheless I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions...Read More »

Velvet Meets Tulle

Velvet is one of the hottest fabrics this season and now with NYE just around the corner it’s definitely time to pay more attention for velvet pieces meeting tulle skirts.

I realized I haven’t shown you a festive outfit until now. Since I’m eagerly...Read More »

Feel Like Sailor Moon

Aren’t we all little nerds somewhere inside? Well, I can answer this question with a huge: YES I AM! What about you? What is a nerdy behavior? Who can we call nerd? Everyone following my blog for a longer time, knows that I’m a huge Star Wars, Marvel,...Read More »

Forever Young: Collage Girl Style

Happy Humpday my lovely peeps :) November is almost over and some days are really so cold here, but we have some days with a little bit warmer temperatures, too, so that I don’t need to wear my winter coat all the time.

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Colorful Winter Coat

Winter is just around the corner, in some cities here in Germany we had today the first snow, so the temperatures are dropping and dropping and everyone being a summer lover like me is freezing and hoping that it’ll get soon warmer. But we all know:...Read More »

DEZZAL Biker Jacket, Statement Backpack And Basic Must Haves

Oh my, it’s already November :D The time really flies at the moment and I don’t have the feeling that the end of the year is coming closer :D The weather is turning colder, but mostly it’s not too cold, so that it’s time for your...Read More »

Statement Sweater: First Coffee

Hello my lovely peeps <3 I hope you a wonderful start into the new week :)As usual I’m having a very tired start into the new week and I’m happy for every coffee I get in the mornings :D haha Everyone following me on Instagram knows I love...Read More »

Wear It Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Happy Friday my lovely Friends! Today´s post is something special. I collaborated with three amazing bloggers to remind you about this special topic. Its breast cancer awareness month. It’s very important to keep that in mind and not to underestimate it.



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Hottest Trend: OKB

Happy Sunday my lovely peeps! I hope you all had a wonderful week so far  and that you’re starting into an amazing day:)

Today I’m talking about one of the hottest and in my opinion BEST trends this year and...Read More »

Let's Be Mermaids

Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) The last week went by too fast an suddenly after a week staying at home at get healthy again – it was over. I had the feeling I didn’t manage to do anything I wanted in that week. And here we are...Read More »

Happy Oktoberfest

Currently in Germany everywhere we’re having Oktoberfest parties. Weather the “real” big Oktoberfest in Munich or local parties in every town. In my hometown and the town nearby we’re having some parties with the typical Oktoberfest music and food and drinks and yes, it’s all about having a...Read More »

Dotted Jumpsuit

Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) I’m all into fall mood recently and saw so much perfect and beautiful things to buy :D Next week the Glamour Shopping Week will start and for one week there will be many discounts in a variety of shops, online and in...Read More »

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Yeah – it’s Friday and I prepared a new outfit for you :) Let’s talk about stripes, one of the hottest trends this year and even in fall we can combine striped clothing to create the perfect fall-outfit :)

Today’s...Read More »

Playful And Edgy

Hello my lovely peeps :) I hope you all had a fabulous start into the new week :) Some posts ago I told you about the heat here in Germany, unfortunately summer is officially over and we can say bye bye summer, bye bye sun and hello cold...Read More »

Lace & Autumn

Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) Today I’m talking about the combination of autumn and lace – a wonderful combo in my eyes: Not only summer makes lace details playful, feminine, cute and fashionable , even in fall we can wear lace and I...Read More »

Lemons For The Last Sunny Days

Summer is almost over and I’m enjoying the last sunny and really hot days here in Germany :D I’m so happy that we got some sunny days lately, because we didn’t have that much summer weather in July and August :) I still have...Read More »

Brown And Black

Happy Monday :) I hope you all had the best start into the new week and hopefully into the new month :) I can’t believe it’s September and the summer weather is almost over :( So sad about that….We still have a couple of sunny days  in the...Read More »


Happy Monday my lovely friends :) Last week we had amazing summer temperatures here but again today the temperatures have fallen and believe it or not: it was time to wear my first fall outfit – almost all from Rosegal :D I’m a summer lover, so I...Read More »

Details & Details

Hello my lovely peeps :) It’s weekend and I’m all in weekend mood :D wohooo :D The next week I’ll have a Birthday Party with a lot of my friends and I’m preparing everything and doing a lot of shopping and preparation. Nevertheless I have a little...Read More »

The Boho Chic LWD

Happy Thursday my lovely friends :) Oh yes, time flies, it’s already the end of August and today I have a cute little Birthday outfit for you :D Another LWD (yes, I really feel like I’m beginning to love them – not as much as the LBD but...Read More »

The Cute LWD With Tassel-Details

As already announced on Instagram already, there is a new post on my blog today :) tadaaaa :D Annnnnd it’s an outfit post. I already told you last week, that I got a parcel from SammyDress and of course here is the second...Read More »

Bohemian Vibes & Summer Colors

Happy Monday my lovely friends :)  Today finally we have a sunny day, a summer-similar day, no rain, almost no clouds and warm temperatures :D Yeah! In the past weeks, we didn’t have a real summer weather here in Germany and it was really depressing leaving Croatia and...Read More »

Support & Gratitude

Happy Thursday everyone :) It’s almost Friday, jippiieeee :) Today’s post is something special, not a usual post I share. Today’s post is all about support and gratitude.

What is so different about today’s post? I’m not showing you something new today from a...Read More »

Streetchic Stripes

Happy Monday my lovely friends! I can’t believe it’s already the 8th of August! Time flies! As some of you might know it’s my birthday month and I’m already so excited to celebrate with my family and friends but usually at this time I have already...Read More »

Caught In Chains

Happy Thursday my lovely friends :) Today we’re talking about accessories, accessories spreading summer and boho vibes.


The easiest way to create a unique and extraordinary outfit is just to add unique accessories. I don’t mean just adding a necklace or a bracelet...Read More »

Little White Romper

Happy Monday my lovely friends :) Wishing you all a wonderful start into the new week :)

Today I show you one piece combining my favorite summer trends all together: stripes, romper, off shoulder and the color white....Read More »

The Raffaello Look

Happy Monday my lovely and sweet friends <3 I’m so sorry for not updating for 1 ½ week and not posting anything, but I tried to keep you up to date on Instagram during my trip to Croatia :D  Nevertheless I used this beautiful landscape and the...Read More »

Nautical Feelings

As I already told you a while ago I got my first piece with stripes for a long time this year (>>click here<<) and I loved this dress. I thought of the nautical feeling this outfit spreads and since I’m going to Croatia this week I thought...Read More »

Obsessed With Maxi-Dresses

This year the weather is really not summer-like in Germany. We have some sunny days, or not rainy days, but mostly the temperatures are just around the 20 degrees. Yep, that’s not really summer like. And yep, most of my summer clothes...Read More »

Walking On A Unicorn

Have you ever imagined how life would be with r e a l unicorns? Oh it would be such a wonderful and fabulous world full of sparkles, candy cotton and fantasy :D Unfortunately the reality says (and yes, you have to be strong now :D ) there are...Read More »

Kitty The Flowerchild

As you may already know I LOVE flower crowns, flower accessories and festival styles. Nothing is more fashionable, unique and cool than festival makeup or a festival outfit. Because of that I’m obsessed with the summer season and the local small and big festivals around here in Germany,...Read More »

Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the colors making a debut lately and becoming one of the most fashionable colors for jewelry, too. I love this beautiful color, it looks a kind of antique, but also elegant and feminine and I’m so happy it is...Read More »

Sweaters And Shorts

Happy Tuesday my dear friends :) I hope you all had a wonderful start into the new week and enjoyed it. My weekend and the last days flew by so fast :D As you might have catched up on Instagram or Facebook : I’m officially  a...Read More »

Sailor Honey Moon

We hadn’t much summer weather in the last days, so immediately when the sun is whining and temperatures rising EVERYONE (and I really mean everyone) is going out. Of course I took that opportunity to put on some summer clothing, since I...Read More »

Lemon Wedding Guest

When Jan an I were invited to the wedding of a friend out of my volleyball team, the first thing everyone of our team was thinking of is what to wear. A short dress, a cocktail dress, a summer dress , along dress? We...Read More »

Military Strictness X Fun Patches

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I told you I don’t visit Zara often :D You may not believe it or not, there was a time, I didn’t like it at all, than one time I liked their things but they...Read More »

Summer Colors

Happy Monday my beautiful friends :) I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day with your mummy’s and/or children and enjoyed a wonderful Sunday full of joy

If you don’t know it: I’m a lover of HOT temperatures, meaning 30°C and...Read More »


Since the temperatures are rising at the moment in Germany, it feels almost like summer with 25 degrees (Yep, in Germany 25 degrees are SUMMER temperatures :D) – of course we have some days with hotter weather (and I love them, but mostly the summer temperatures are between...Read More »

Boho Kimono

Bye, bye April and hello May :) This month went over so fast and we had very strange weather including sunny days, rainy days, hail and very cold and stormy days. Nevertheless I was glad that I found some days with good weather too...Read More »

Time For Off Shoulder Trends :)

Happy Sunday my dear friends <3 I hope you all had an amazing weekend and enjoyed some  (hopefully) sunny days :D As the weather is turning sunnier I really get into festival mood and I love outfits which would match to a festival, but are also...Read More »

Patches Meet Denim

During the Glamour Shopping Week I used some discounts to go shopping and restock my wardrobe :D Of course I didn’t found what I was searching for , but instead I found a couple of jackets (and yeah, I have enough jackets , but they were...Read More »

Suede X Bomber Jacket

We all know bombers are a BIG must have for spring :) They are the perfect piece between cold weather and sunny days and on top they add a fashionable and young vibe to your outfit :D Depending on the style and color you can create many different...Read More »

Spring Ready With Denim X Suede

With the weather turning warmer it’s time to take out your favorite denim pieces out of your wardrobe. Denim is timeless, you can create amazing and different looks with different denim pieces, starting from cool denim in denim combinations, sweet denim dresses to casual denim looks....Read More »

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lovely Attitude - You're Old! :3

Exactly one year ago I started my first fashion blog post on Lovely Attitude. Exactly one year ago I started this amazing and exciting journey and got to know so many amazing bloggers and people due to Lovely Attitude. I have to confess this was one...Read More »

Little Mermaid...


Happy Sunday beauties :) My weekend went over too fast and I didn’t had any time to enjoy it, due to my math’s exams tomorrow.. Nevertheless I took the time to relax for an hour and dyed my hair again, since I saw the dark roots on the...Read More »

Moto X Sunglasses X Cape

Always when I wear my beloved Mac Cyber lipstick I n e e d to wear something cool and edgy. I feel that the lipstick matches perfectly with the right outfit. It wouldn’t match to a sweet dress with flower prints.

When...Read More »

Easy Festival Hair Inspo :)


The last days we finally had some sunny days and yes, this feels so spring-like :D Some beautiful flowers are blooming (of course not mine at home..they’re all dead – but I tried to revive them already and hope that they will live soon again :D ) and...Read More »

Fringe, Leather And Suede

What to you wear on gloomy and rainy days? The temperatures are getting a little bit better and some days we’re having sunny days, too. So it’s time to put the winter coats away and to wear leather jackets again *_*

Read More »

Edgy Instead Of Business-Like


What do you do with your working clothes? I hate business looks and everyone following me knows that I’m not really that one dressing up with blazer and business pants and feeling comfortable.  On top I’m hardly wearing pants and feel so strange...Read More »

Be My Valentine :)

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Valentine’s day with all of your beloved one’s.

Jan bought me a wonderful and pretty bouquet of pink shaded flowers and we started the day with...Read More »

V-Day Gift Inspiration <3

Hello beauties :) Today I planed a special and unique post on my blog: I have a cowriter ;) My boyfriend Jan wanted to show you some ideas what to get for your sweet boyfriends or husbands :) Of course I have...Read More »

The Golden Ticket - Or Dress :)

Only two weeks left and it’s Valentine’s Day. Have you already planed if you want to do something or what to do? Or do you even have a date?

At the moment the weather is not really...Read More »

A Passion For Edgy Rock-Glam Looks

Have you ever thought of the power of jewelry? With the right jewelry you can immediately change your complete outfit from sweet to rocky, from elegant to glamorous or anything you want. Using jewelry can be so fun and even if you wear...Read More »

Sailor Hiding Hood :D

The weather here in Germany turns to be a mixture of really freezing cold weather and dark rainy weather in the moment.. So most of the days, I’m not in mood to leave the house :D Nevertheless this isn’t possible, if you’re working,...Read More »

Outfit Inspiration: Snow White :)

Finally it get’s winter in my hometown , too. Suddenly the temperatures dropped below zero and suddenly we had the first snow remaining on some trees (not much). I have to confess that I didn’t want any snow. January is too late for...Read More »

Upgrade Your Style With Statement Pieces

Happy Sunday to you all :) I hope you enjoyed your weekend and had a wonderful time :) I already announced on Instagram that I’ll show you a new necklace I got some time ago:

In October of 2015 I told you already via Instagram that me and some of my friends helped to film a video for a music clip. Since it is my boyfriends song I wanted to help wherever I can :D Finally the video...Read More »

Hello New Year :)

Bye bye 2015 and welcome 2016. Finally the year is over. And this was such an exciting year: the most important fact: I started blogging  in the end of march/first days of April and I didn’t have a clue what I...Read More »

It's Magical..Elfish...ELFIE SELFIE :)

One day left and it’s CHRISTMAS! I’m so excited and so curious about the next days :D And of course I’m happy to spend more time with my beloved ones!  From tomorrow on there will be three days full of eating, talking, drinking and of...Read More »

Sequins Everywhere :)

I’m thinking since (it feels like) AGES what to wear on New Years Eve or Christmas and I’m still not sure what to wear :D I wanted to buy a black dress or gold one, with sequins, since I love sequin dresses, similar than a...Read More »

Christmas-Mood :)

Oh wow, it’s almost Christmas :) I can just say it again and again, I love that season :) Although I’m heading from one Christmas party to another I enjoy that stressful weekends full of good times and non-stop good food everywhere *_* I’m totally...Read More »

Bronze And Brown Shades

Happy St Nicholas Day to you all

As you all know, I’m a ASOS junkie. And yes, I have to confess, that it’s so easy to affect me with shopping coupons or discounts :D For example Black Friday Deals. Yes. The shopping industry is...Read More »

Holiday Season: Festive Outfit Inspiration

Now it’s finally time for the festive season and festive clothing *_* I love the Holiday season, with all the sparkling clothing and sequins and beautiful dark shades :) But nothing is way more powerful than the combination of a glittering fabric with the summer...Read More »

Winter Must Have - Fake Fur

No trend is inspiriting me more than fake fur. Either you love or you hate it :D For me fake fur doesn’t only look more than fashionable, cozy and edgy, but also unique and extraordinary. A clothing piece of fake fur makes every outfit eye-catching...Read More »

Black Cat Dress & Libster Award

I was nominated for the Libster Award *_* That’s so amazing :) but not only the fact that I was nominated is amazing, but also that Jalisa from The Style Contour nominated me *_* If you don’t know Jalisa by now,...Read More »

Cozy And Patterned: Prepared for Cold Days

I love cozy outfits, no matter for what occasion, and especially this year we have quite a warm November, so that the easiest way to make an outfit cozy is just to pull on your warmest cardigan or pullover. Layering with a cardigan is my favorite way...Read More »

Customized And Self-Designed :)

Oh wow, it’s nearly middle of November now, time passes by soon :D Christmas is coming closer :)) This week is really exhausting and the weather is sooooo bad for taking photos…I hate this light (if you find the right time for taking pictures it...Read More »

Outfit Inspiration: Bohemian, Nerdy Sailor Moon

Happy Weekend beauties :) It’s Saturday and of course time to go out or hang up with your friends, while looking fabulous and fashionable and of course autumn ready!

Today I decided to wear a camel brown...Read More »

Trend-Altert: Lace&Suede Combined With Fringed Over Knees :)

Happy Monday! This week everything I’m thinking of is Halloween :D And I’m so excited, since me and my friends will have a little Halloween party before going out together :D

Nevertheless it’s Monday (Neyyyy…..:( ) and time for an outfit of the day...Read More »

Starting The Week With Moto Leggings & Leopard Print

A couple of weeks ago, Dressgal, an  Asian online shop, asked me to review their products. After I looked at their page I immediately agreed to choose some products to have a closer look at them.Dressgal describes themselves in following words: “We are aimed at...Read More »

Falling In Love With Details :)


Happy Friday beauties :)

I love details. Some days I’m really lazy to wear accessory, especially in the office, but when  going out with friends or just casual, I love accessory! Nothing spices any outfit more up, than the right accessory to make your outfit unique...Read More »

Oktoberfest here, Oktoberfest there, everywhere :)

It’s October. The last day of Oktoberfest in Munich. I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Munich this year (I hope I’ll have it next year!), but here in my home town and in the cities next to us there are a lot of local Oktoberfest events.

I hope you have fun and please leave your...Read More »

Pearls & Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Sometimes I just feel to wear nothing special, just any top or shirt with a casual skirt or a comfy dress. Nevertheless I often think that my outfit looks boring without any accessory.To spice it up I LOVE wearing statement necklaces. There is...Read More »

Pastel Love: Weekend Inspiration <3

I totally love pastel shades. Weather in hair (unfortunately my hair is dark and I didn’t find any hairdresser willing to do the dye…), on nails or in summer with a lovely summer dress. I love the summer-like feeling while wearing pastel shades, which reminds...Read More »

All In White: Monochrome Dress & Chucks


At the moment we have really great, sunny weather, making me want to wear more and more light shoes or sandals, which are comfortable to have a day-off, like going shopping, visiting cities and just walking around lakes and chilling in the sun.

Read More »

Gift Ideas: Soufeel Jewellery <3

Have you thought of which accessory to wear at the next wedding as bridesmaid or wedding guest? Just thought of a gift idea for your best friend having birthday now? Soufeel is a brand selling jewellery: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and charms. They offer free...Read More »

Giveaway Cooperation with Banggood :)

I’m so happy to introduce you this cooperation with Bang Good (>>click here<<). Bang Good is an online shop, where you can shop EVERYTHING you can imagine, from clothing to accessory and technical products.

Bang Good has a huge selection of...Read More »

Stardate -308514,84 – Amsterdam Shopping Haul :)

Finally I made my first YouTube video. I hope you’ll enjoy it and excuse my bad German accent :,D

I made two versions: one in German and one with English voice-over.

In the video I’ll present you my shipping haul from...Read More »

Easy & Casual Summer Styling :)

This week the weather here in Germany was and is really hot! We got about 30 degrees and like every year here in Germany when the weather is getting hot several people accomplish that it’s too hot! I personally love this weather but of course the clothing...Read More »

 Holographic Love <3

Everywhere you look you see metallic or holographic clothing at the moment. Bags, shorts, tops, accessory or any other stuff. It isn’t really important what it is, but if it’s shining in a holographic way everyone LOVES it. I must confess I belong to the...Read More »

Accessorize your life

No outfit is perfect without the right accessory. You can spice up anything you’re wearing with some little pieces and make them more than fashionable and trendy.

I love wearing long necklaces. I think they give your outfit something special and are flashier than...Read More »

Don’t Freeze On Summer Mornings: Wine Red Maxi & Boyfriend Blazer <3

Since the weather is getting more often really sunny and summerlike my wardrobe changed totally: A lot of shorts, summer dresses and of course maxi dresses are a must-have. I totally fell in love with them because of several reasons:

First of all you...Read More »

Festival Inspirations & Trends <3

I wanted to do an outfit style guide since I started the blog and now I really did it :D It’s summer time and with it the festival season has started and we have some month of summer before us where we can visit a lot of festivals...Read More »

Dresslink Shopping Haul

Do you know the online shop Dresslink (>>click here<<)? Dresslink is a Chinese worldwide online fashion and clothing seller. They have a huge variety of clothing and accessory for woman, men and kids. The prices of Dresslink are really affordable and in addition they sell...Read More »

Cut-Out Dresses : Yeah or nay?

I personally LOVE cut-outs: especially on dresses :) I think your clothing looks more extraordinary and spices every dress up although it would look common otherwise. And this dresses look interesting and trendy, too.

There are many kinds of cut-out dresses: cool, feminine,...Read More »

Love Leatherskirts & Print-Tops <3

Since I was in Düsseldorf for shopping yesterday I decided to choose a comfortable, but stylish outfit. An absolute must-have for every wardrobe is surely something of leather – for me as I love skirts &dresses – like a leather skirt. I love the grunge look you...Read More »

Three Kinds Of Flats You Should Definitely Have :)

I love high heels. It’s really awesome to have shoes, that make your legs longer and yourself taller, but this time I will tell you something about flats every woman should have and why you should consider to buy more flats:

There are several advantages of...Read More »

Summer Must-Have: Bandeau-Dress <3

It’s nearly summer now and we prepare our wardrobe for warm sunny days. An absolute must-have for the summer-season is surely a bandeau-dress:

You get tanned without the stripes of your sleeves and you don’t sweet because it’s sleeveless. On top it looks fabulous no matter if...Read More »

OOTD : The Black Maxidress <3

Sundays are always much more casual than the other days: No work, no party nights, just chilling and preparing everything for the next week. We just visited the Street Food Market here in my hometown, a special area where the local food trucks or diners with uncommon menus just...Read More »

Konplott Shopping Haul <3

Until this week here in Germany in many stores of the brand Konplott we had an event because of their birthday, you got with every purchase of above 15 € a gift as surprise of their collections.

I love Konplott. I already...Read More »

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night….

I just thought of buying new sunglasses for beach volleyball, I started to play a couple of tournaments and I hate it when your normal sunglasses slip of your nose or you just can’t look in the sky because it’s still too bright. Because of...Read More »

Outfit Of The Day: Casual And Pretty Cool

Choosing the right Outfit for Saturdays isn’t easy. Maybe you go out to party, maybe you just want to go shopping or chilling with your friends. Sometimes you decide spontaneously what to do and meet before, drinking and eating something. The big question on such days...Read More »

Online Shopping: First Experiences DressLink :)

Do you know the online shop Dresslink(>>click here<<)? Dresslink is a Chinese worldwide online fashion and clothing seller. They have a huge variety of clothing and accessory for woman, men and kids. The prices of Dresslink are really affordable and in addition they...Read More »

Get The Look – Outfit Of The Day <3

Today I just didn’t want to dress me up in a special way, so I decided to pick an outfit being casual, trendy and cool:

I love unicorns, so I immediately knew I MUST have this crop top with lace...Read More »

OOTD Favourite Party Dress <3

Yesterday I went out with my friends and I wanted to show you my favourite party dress at the moment:

The golden dress from URBAN OUTFITTERS is a strapless, knee-length cocktail dress, perfect for chic evenings or party nights. I love Urban...Read More »

OOTD : Sunny Days & The Perfect Outfit <3

Since the last years were really sunny and warm here in Germany, it was time to think about the absolute must-have summer outfit. I prepared one of my favourite outfits for you, as little inspiration for all those, who didn’t know what to wear:

When I saw the shoes from the...Read More »

Konplott: Loving Jewellery <3

On some days you just don’t want to do something extraordinary to spice up your outfit. But you still want to look fabulous and have something eye-catching with you. The perfect accessory for every occasion is definitively jewellery from KONPLOTT.

Konplott is a brand,...Read More »

Mini Shopping Haul: Buffalo Shoes <3

Since Buffalo had a discount of 15% during the Glamour Shopping Week (which ended unfortunately yesterday) I just couldn’t resist to buy some new shoes within the week.

Initially I wanted to look for some high heels, because Buffalo really has some...Read More »

#OOTD with Favourite Glamour Shopping Week Pick

My favourite pick of the Glamour Shopping Week (and I’ve really bought a lot of things) is definitively this blouse from ASOS.

It’s a pale jeansblouse without sleeves with buttons at the front and you can tie up the...Read More »

Weekend: Party Outfit Inspiration

It’s friday, ladies! Time for going out, drinking cocktails or partying with your best friends.

Perhaps you’re having a date or you just want to look fabulous without any reason. I just prepared a short style check for you, if you want to look in...Read More »

Glamour Shopping Week Haul: Metallic Sneakers – THE BROOZER<3

I waited so long to buy these sneakers. I’ve seen them already before weeks in the shoe store Sacha and immediately I fell in love with the extraordinary style. I love the silver holographic color and actually everyone needs a pair of flashy sneakers.

Yesterday Forever 21 had it’s grand opening in Düsseldorf (Germany).

The first 300 visitors should get a voucher over 21 Euro. Unfortunately the vouchers were distributed very soon. I got there 20 minutes before the opening and didn’t get any voucher :D I...Read More »

Outfit Of The Day: Shopping with a classy look<3

Today it’s finally time to go shopping because of Glamour Shopping Week. I’ve told you about GSW in one of my previous posts ( and since this is my first opportunity to go shopping outside I just knew I will spend a long...Read More »

Easteroutfit Inspirations <3

There are only a few days left until Easter. Everyone is preparing outfits for brunch, and lovely days with the family.

I prepared three dresses for you as inspiration:

I love dresses! Everyone of my friends knows, I’m almost wearing dresses or...Read More »

How to fake a septum :)

Have you ever heard about fake septums? Well, I’m working at the office and we strictly aren’t allowed to wear visible piercings, tattoos or septums. But thanks god, the world is really crazy and meanwhile we can fake everything.

I ordered my septum from...Read More »

H&M loves Coachella <3

H&M and Coachella made a unique collection for H&M Divided.

It’s a festival collection for boys and girls as pretaste for the festival season coming soon! The collection contains many statement prints, fringed details, colorful pattern prints. It’s inspired by the Coachella-Festival: A music...Read More »

Loving leather jackets <3

It’s the perfect time for fashion leather jackets. There are various styles: sude or biker jackets, oversized, fringed, short or long jackets.

The variety is huge and colorful. In the meanwhile you are able to buy leather jacekts in every devisable color. I have...Read More »

Eight reasons you should wear a hat this spring&summer

You don’t know if you should buy a hat or nor? Here are 8 reasons why you definitely should:

1. You’re protected of sunny, light rainy and windy weather
2. You don’t get any sunburns on your head anymore
3. You look perfect although...Read More »

Hot in march: floral prints!

It’s time for spring! The temperatures are rising and the sun is shining. I love the warm sunlight  and I waited the several months for rising temperatures and warm weather. I wouldn’t exaggerate if I’m saying that I NEED the sun and warm weather. You...Read More »

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