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Einen Tag später als geplant musste dieser Post online gehen. Das lag vor allem daran, dass ich die letzten Tage ordentlich versuche den gemütlichen Popo hochzukriegen und endlich mal wieder Sport exzessiv in hohen Maßen durchzuziehen. Weshalb der plötzliche Gedanke den Allerwertesten hochzukriegen? Nun ich war mal fitter...Read More »

Failing & Restarting

Lovely Attitude NA-KD

Restart. Kennt ihr das Gefühl einfach noch einmal neustarten zu wollen? Wenn man am liebsten einen Knopf drücken würde, um alles erneut zu überspielen? Während man spielt, ist ein Neustart das normalste der Welt. Man überschreibt seinen Spielstand und fängt einfach neu an. Nervig hierbei ist lediglich, dass...Read More »

InStyle Box - Spring Edition

Have you ever heard about the Instyle Box? No? You definitely should have a closer look at this box. Beauty, fashion, lifestyle and accessories – all topics in one box every 3 months. Every box has a special theme, this time it’s the Instyle Spring Edition. A...Read More »

Posterlounge - Home Inspiration

What is your favorite place to relax? A beach, the seaside or a spa are always a great idea. Your home  is the place you spend most of the time. It should be the place you spend most of the time :D.  This is the reason it should...Read More »

Hello December: Advent Calendar

November is almost over and I’m getting all into Christmas mood. Not only because of the decoration, the cold weather, the Christmas gift shopping but also because of some preparations for my blog.

I teamed up with 23 other bloggers in December to create an Advent calendar...Read More »

Happy Oktoberfest

Currently in Germany everywhere we’re having Oktoberfest parties. Weather the “real” big Oktoberfest in Munich or local parties in every town. In my hometown and the town nearby we’re having some parties with the typical Oktoberfest music and food and drinks and yes, it’s all about having a...Read More »

Support & Gratitude

Happy Thursday everyone :) It’s almost Friday, jippiieeee :) Today’s post is something special, not a usual post I share. Today’s post is all about support and gratitude.

What is so different about today’s post? I’m not showing you something new today from a...Read More »

Summer Feelings With Caseapp & Giveaway

Happy Weekend my lovely friends :) I’m so happy to announce that I collaborated with CaseApp again and I was able to design a phone case and a notebook sticker.

 Many of you may already know Caseapp, a store selling cases or...Read More »

First Benefit Boutique in Germany - I Raised My Eyebrows

When I heard that in my hometown – Essen – Benefit will open it’s first own Boutique in Germany I was excited – well okay excited is understated I freaked out :D I love Benefit not only for the beautiful packaging but also for...Read More »

The Beauty Tag

I was tagged again :D This time – for the Beauty Lover Tag –  by my sister Laven from Berries in The Snow. Thank you so much, for tagging me my lovely and cute sis :)

For everyone loving Korean cosmetics or...Read More »

Smoothie Bowl: Matcha And Banana

Smoothie bowls are the must have if you want to have a healthy but also good breakfast to start the day with energy and power. Even if you’re not a breakfast person, you shouldn’t skip breakfast, it gives your body the energy to start the day...Read More »

Power To Go :)

In the last time I thought about my past year of blogging and how everything started. I remembered that I posted two smoothie recipes already, but I almost forgot that I did that :D Since I got a new Smoothie Maker in order to take always a smoothie...Read More »

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lovely Attitude - You're Old! :3

Exactly one year ago I started my first fashion blog post on Lovely Attitude. Exactly one year ago I started this amazing and exciting journey and got to know so many amazing bloggers and people due to Lovely Attitude. I have to confess this was one...Read More »

007 - Attitude, Lovely Attitude :)

Thank you Rossmann Germany for sending me the 007- For Women II perfume and body lotion for testing. I was so lucky to be chosen from the Blogger-Giveaway to try it out. I’m a huge lover of any fragrance: scented candles, room-scents, beauty products with scents...Read More »

V-Day Gift Inspiration <3

Hello beauties :) Today I planed a special and unique post on my blog: I have a cowriter ;) My boyfriend Jan wanted to show you some ideas what to get for your sweet boyfriends or husbands :) Of course I have...Read More »

Secret Santa Ideas


Have you already thought of all the small and not so small Christmas presents? I have some little ideas what you can buy your best friends if you’re planning to do a secret Santa:

Personalized smartphone cases are the most amazing and...Read More »

Loose Highlighting Powder Review + Giveaway :)

It’s Holiday Season :) And time for a Christmas-Giveaway :) Can’t believe that it’s already Christmas in 2 weeks! The year went over too fast and so many things happened in this year, including my blog opening :D It’s such an exciting year for me...Read More »

X-Mas Lush Bubble Bath Goodies

Oh I’m loving that everything is sparkling now during the Christmas time. Not only the decoration, but also the Christmas goodies in every store. And what is one of the best ideas for nearly every female person as a Christmas-gift? Lush products :))

Who doesn’t love...Read More »

Black Cat Dress & Libster Award

I was nominated for the Libster Award *_* That’s so amazing :) but not only the fact that I was nominated is amazing, but also that Jalisa from The Style Contour nominated me *_* If you don’t know Jalisa by now,...Read More »

Unique Gift Idea For Social Media Addicts

Hello November :)

Christmas is coming… I know that we just “survived” Halloween and most of you won’t think of X-Mas yet, but  it’s never to early to think of great, amazing and personal gift-ideas.

So starting with personal gift-ideas I’ll introduce you...Read More »

Giveaway Cooperation with Banggood :)

I’m so happy to introduce you this cooperation with Bang Good (>>click here<<). Bang Good is an online shop, where you can shop EVERYTHING you can imagine, from clothing to accessory and technical products.

Bang Good has a huge selection of...Read More »

The Versatile Blogger Award

 Oh wow, I got my first nomination since my blog opening in the end of March :) I’m so happy about that and I want to thank Dominque (Only The Brave Blog) for the nomination. Only The Brave Blog is a fabulous fashion blog...Read More »

Junes Favourites: Add Some Summer Feelings To Your Beauty Routine

It’s already June again. The weather will get better this week here in Germany so that we’ll have the first summer temperatures. I really hope that we’ll have the great weather they promised this week :D I miss the summer and sunshine and I’m really hoping we...Read More »

Smoothie Time: Energy smoothie inspiration

Like on Instagram and facebook already promised here my post about my favourite smoothie of the last days:

During easter I really got appetite on a smoothie with carrots.

So I experimented a little bit. I love the cocos-rice milk from Alpro and...Read More »

Overcome the inner pig dog :)

Hanging around like a slooth? Getting up for sports isn´t easy without motivation and amibition but what‘s the best for getting new motivation?

Surely buying new clothes for working out!

Of course you want to show your new cloths to everybody...Read More »

Let’s check selfmade green smoothies

Since summer is coming and everybody wants to drink refreshing drinks, smoothies are the best choice to drink! Everybody is trying out making smoothies and trying new recipes. This time I’ll introduce you a very simple green smoothie recipe.
What you need for two glasses?...Read More »

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