• Spring Look: Maxi Dress X Rose Gold Adidas Originals

    Spring Look: Maxi Dress X Rose Gold Adidas Originals

    Hello my lovely peeps :) Where is the spring weather and spring mood? The last days I’m eagerly waiting for sunnier days to feel perfectly in spring & summer mood.   If the temperatures are just in between summer and spring and are always rising & dropping again it’s time for a maxi dress, or better half maxi half “normal” length :D. I love maxi dresses –  I’m so happy that I got this one from  ABOUT YOU – an online shop selling a variety of stylish fashion pieces including a bunch of perfect maxi dresses –  to inspire your spring and summer outfits. Maxi dresses are always casual, but…

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    Military Strictness X Fun Patches

    Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I told you I don’t visit Zara often :D You may not believe it or not, there was a time, I didn’t like it at all, than one time I liked their things but they looked awkward on me and YAY, finally I FOUND something again. Immediately I fell in love with half of the shop, since they have really a lot of things with patches :D But wisely enough, as I am, I just bought two pieces, which are matching perfectly into my wardrobe :) Starting with my favorite piece of that look: The military-inspired jacket <3 In the second…

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    Suede X Bomber Jacket

    We all know bombers are a BIG must have for spring :) They are the perfect piece between cold weather and sunny days and on top they add a fashionable and young vibe to your outfit :D Depending on the style and color you can create many different effect with these jackets like a pink and sweet one, a cool denim one or the classical “school-look”. I was searching for a special and not so common bomber for so long and finally I found this one from VILA (unfortunately although it’s a new one, I didn’t see it ANYWHERE online :() and I immediately fell in love with it because…