• How To Feel Like Sailor Moon

    Feel Like Sailor Moon

    Aren’t we all little nerds somewhere inside? Well, I can answer this question with a huge: YES I AM! What about you? What is a nerdy behavior? Who can we call nerd? Everyone following my blog for a longer time, knows that I’m a huge Star Wars, Marvel, DC , boarding games, Manga & Anime fan. After learning about a fashion project the geek subscription service Loot Crate was putting together,  I decided to express my love for geeky fashion. I didn’t prepare a makeup tutorial like my Star Wars inspired makeup tutoria, but a new outfit post for you.  And not just a usual and boring look. A look inspired of one…

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    Statement Sweater: First Coffee

    Hello my lovely peeps <3 I hope you a wonderful start into the new week :)As usual I’m having a very tired start into the new week and I’m happy for every coffee I get in the mornings :D haha Everyone following me on Instagram knows I love a good coffee in the morning, especially with soy milk :D Yummy! Because of that I’m so happy I found the  perfect sweater for me and in one of my favorite colors, too: “OK, BUT FIRST COFFEE” from SammyDress all in black, matching to my autumn blues :D hihi I really hate the cold turning weather and I’m starting to layering and…

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    Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

    Yeah – it’s Friday and I prepared a new outfit for you :) Let’s talk about stripes, one of the hottest trends this year and even in fall we can combine striped clothing to create the perfect fall-outfit :) Today’s main piece is this beautiful striped shirt dress from SammyDress: I love the flattering light fabric, so you can wear it on warmer days, or like me with a basic skirt and tights for  colder weather.  The dress seams to look very casual, especially the striped pattern creates a kind of office chic vibes, whereas the bell sleeves add a feminine and boho chic feeling, perfect for the season between…

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    Playful And Edgy

    Hello my lovely peeps :) I hope you all had a fabulous start into the new week :) Some posts ago I told you about the heat here in Germany, unfortunately summer is officially over and we can say bye bye summer, bye bye sun and hello cold weather :D Okay, I’m a overreacting a little bit, it’s not cold, but not warm either, so the perfect weather to show you some outfit combinations which are perfect for the changing weather :) A cute off shoulder dress is even in fall a good choice, especially with sleeves, like this pink and white striped one from SammyDress with the cute little…

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    Lemons For The Last Sunny Days

    Summer is almost over and I’m enjoying the last sunny and really hot days here in Germany :D I’m so happy that we got some sunny days lately, because we didn’t have that much summer weather in July and August :) I still have some summer outfits left, which I’ll show you in the next time, but also fall previews and outfits :) Today (and the whole week ) I’m all in summer and lemon mood :D Lemons are like pineapples, flamingos and cacti the perfect summer symbols and remind me of long sunny days and vacation…I wished I was back in Croatia :D haha This cute little white dress…

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    Brown And Black

    Happy Monday :) I hope you all had the best start into the new week and hopefully into the new month :) I can’t believe it’s September and the summer weather is almost over :( So sad about that….We still have a couple of sunny days  in the next days but I’m so sad that the summer here in Germany was so strange and changeable this year. Nevertheless I’m a lover of fall-colors and booties and today’s outfit just matches perfectly to the changing temperatures :) This orange-brown pleated dress with lace details and spaghetti straps is a midi-dress with a loose shade and cold shoulder details with loose lace…

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    Customized And Self-Designed :)

    Oh wow, it’s nearly middle of November now, time passes by soon :D Christmas is coming closer :)) This week is really exhausting and the weather is sooooo bad for taking photos…I hate this light (if you find the right time for taking pictures it is still awkward…). In one of my last posts, I told you about a store you can customize cases yourself and make your mobile looking good. This time I have a blog post letting YOU look fabulous, unique and extraordinary: