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    Posterlounge – Home Inspiration

    What is your favorite place to relax? A beach, the seaside or a spa are always a great idea. Your home¬† is the place you spend most of the time. It should be the place you spend most of the time :D.¬† This is the reason it should look cozy & perfect for you. I love to decorate my home with statement pieces, things & symbols I like or nerdy stuff. One of my favorite decorations are definitely posters, photos and pictures. You can create such a personal atmosphere with them. I LOVE statement posters, with a small quote or a funny & cute photo on them. With minimal colors,…

  • Fashion

    Bronze And Brown Shades

    Happy St Nicholas Day to you all As you all know, I’m a ASOS junkie. And yes, I have to confess, that it’s so easy to affect me with shopping coupons or discounts :D For example Black Friday Deals. Yes. The shopping industry is loving everybody who is influenced as easy as me :D I always think “hey I have enough clothing in my wardrobe” and then suddenly from close to scratch there is a discount on the whole collection and /or on the things I looked at previously. And to be honest, nobody can resist a good deal, am I right or am I right? :D

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    Cozy And Patterned: Prepared for Cold Days

    I love cozy outfits, no matter for what occasion, and especially this year we have quite a warm November, so that the easiest way to make an outfit cozy is just to pull on your warmest cardigan or pullover. Layering with a cardigan is my favorite way to make any outfit casual and snugly, but being prepared for any other occasion , too. Especially for being spontaneous this is really the most comfortable way to look fashionable.