• Remembering Prints And Cactus Love

    Remembering Prints And Cactus Love

    It’s already August and the summer here in Germany seems to be almost over :( Nevertheless there are still some sunny days and I LOVE to go out and enjoy the last sunny days. The best way to keep the summer mood during all summer months is just to wear fabulous summer prints and cute summer motives.    Today’s look it’s all about summer prints with green leaves, off shoulder and the cutest summer bag looking like a super adorable little cactus. Off shoulder tops are surely a trend which will last for a further while and this top from Zaful with the stunning loose sleeves is definitely the perfect…

  • CURLSFIGHT with Bed Head

    CURLSFIGHT with Bed Head

        Today we’ll talk about curls and waves here on lovelyattitude.com. My own hair is long, wavy, but not a beautiful wavy, more a strange wavy, something no one would ever like. I need to use hair products to make my hair look better styled and healthy. BED HEAD by Tigi has created a wonderful and effective product line to win the CURLSFIGHT! And this product line is really so amazing!     Calma Sutra Cleansing Conditioner* This cleansing conditioner is stimulating tired waves and curls enriched with Brazil Nuts Oil. It smells super fruity and feels like a real spa. Just apply a generous amount and gently message…

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    Happy Oktoberfest

    Currently in Germany everywhere we’re having Oktoberfest parties. Weather the “real” big Oktoberfest in Munich or local parties in every town. In my hometown and the town nearby we’re having some parties with the typical Oktoberfest music and food and drinks and yes, it’s all about having a good time, dancing, wearing Oktoberfest-clothes and have a good party. When attending an Oktoberfest party as woman – a Dirndl or leather shorts are a must have, but since I actually wear more dresses than pants I always wear a Drindl. This year I got a new one from Spieth&Wensky and although I still had the golden one from last year (I…

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    Caught In Chains

    Happy Thursday my lovely friends :) Today we’re talking about accessories, accessories spreading summer and boho vibes.           The easiest way to create a unique and extraordinary outfit is just to add unique accessories. I don’t mean just adding a necklace or a bracelet and that’s it, but to add body chains. Especially in summer I think this is an easy way to add a bohemian, feminine and festival-ready vibe to your outfit.  When I found this body chain from Born Pretty Store I immediately wanted to get it, to make basic pieces unique and add boho vibes to them. I love how playful and feminine the chains look on…

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    Since the temperatures are rising at the moment in Germany, it feels almost like summer with 25 degrees (Yep, in Germany 25 degrees are SUMMER temperatures :D) – of course we have some days with hotter weather (and I love them, but mostly the summer temperatures are between 25-30 degrees). I LOVE this weather, everyone is going out and trying to use the good weather to do something outside and everyone seems to be happier. Something I’m eagerly waiting of every year, when it’s spring and summer are festivals and small open air events in the local area. Nothing is more relaxing and fun than to listen to music, walk…

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    Mishibox March: Healthy Skin , Spring Skin

      It’s time for another Skincare Saturday :) This time I’ll tell you everything about the current Mishibox of March. The box arrived during the last week and I’m so excited to share it with you today :) The box contains 6 full size skincare products :D Yay! And again there are some amazing masks in it: Lador – Perfect Fill-Up Hair Ampoule (13ml – 4$)  Hair care: Everything for hair is always a win for me :D I LOVE hair oils, hair ampoules, hair masks, hair creams :D This ampoule states to make your hair  more elastic, silky and healthy, which is very fabulous for damaged hair or long…

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    Magical Long Hair

    Have you ever thought about using (human hair) extensions to have more volume or longer hair? I thought about it several times, but never actually tried extensions, since it seamed to be awkward to wear someone else’s hair, and you don’t know exactly from whom it is…The good thing: you can wash(very important because of the hygienic factor!!), color and style it however you want , like your normal hair.

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    Bronze And Brown Shades

    Happy St Nicholas Day to you all As you all know, I’m a ASOS junkie. And yes, I have to confess, that it’s so easy to affect me with shopping coupons or discounts :D For example Black Friday Deals. Yes. The shopping industry is loving everybody who is influenced as easy as me :D I always think “hey I have enough clothing in my wardrobe” and then suddenly from close to scratch there is a discount on the whole collection and /or on the things I looked at previously. And to be honest, nobody can resist a good deal, am I right or am I right? :D