• How To Feel Like Sailor Moon

    Feel Like Sailor Moon

    Aren’t we all little nerds somewhere inside? Well, I can answer this question with a huge: YES I AM! What about you? What is a nerdy behavior? Who can we call nerd? Everyone following my blog for a longer time, knows that I’m a huge Star Wars, Marvel, DC , boarding games, Manga & Anime fan. After learning about a fashion project the geek subscription service Loot Crate was putting together,  I decided to express my love for geeky fashion. I didn’t prepare a makeup tutorial like my Star Wars inspired makeup tutoria, but a new outfit post for you.  And not just a usual and boring look. A look inspired of one…

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    Sailor Hiding Hood :D

    The weather here in Germany turns to be a mixture of really freezing cold weather and dark rainy weather in the moment.. So most of the days, I’m not in mood to leave the house :D Nevertheless this isn’t possible, if you’re working, studying, doing sports, going out with your friends or what ever :D