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    NYX Faceawards: Festival Makeup

    Happy Monday beauties :) Finally the weather is getting warmer and sunnier. I love the warm weather. I’m totally getting in spring & summer mood. Therefore my newest YouTube video is a makeup tutorial for a festival makeup. I ‘m entering the NYX Faceawards with this video, so please don’t miss to support me and give me a like/view/comment. Have fun with the video and I hope you like it :)

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    Let’s Be Mermaids

    Happy Sunday my lovely friends :) The last week went by too fast an suddenly after a week staying at home at get healthy again – it was over. I had the feeling I didn’t manage to do anything I wanted in that week. And here we are almost in the middle of October :D And I realized I didn’t do a Halloween post until now. So today’s look is a little bit inspired by a f r i e n dl y Halloween look – for everone who doesn’t want to be anything just in bloddy and scary :D For that one’s who love to feel like a princess…

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    Happy Oktoberfest

    Currently in Germany everywhere we’re having Oktoberfest parties. Weather the “real” big Oktoberfest in Munich or local parties in every town. In my hometown and the town nearby we’re having some parties with the typical Oktoberfest music and food and drinks and yes, it’s all about having a good time, dancing, wearing Oktoberfest-clothes and have a good party. When attending an Oktoberfest party as woman – a Dirndl or leather shorts are a must have, but since I actually wear more dresses than pants I always wear a Drindl. This year I got a new one from Spieth&Wensky and although I still had the golden one from last year (I…

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    Not Without Kate

    Today I want to show you one of my favorite lipsticks beside of MAC lippies. I already introduced to you two shades of the Rimmel Kate lipstick line (shade 111 , shade 30) and today we talk about shade 01 , my current OBSESSION when I talk about red lipsticks. The lipstick claims to last on the lips up to 8 hours with a strong pigmentation – which is something I LOVE and expect of a good quality lipstick.   Packaging  The packaging is similar to shade 111 and 30, more like 30, in a dark lipstick tube and the signature “Kate” on it in a dark red, very feminine,…

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    Pink Bird – ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box #3

    Ohhhhhh finally : I got an ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box *_* The ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Box #3 :) For everyone not knowing ETUDE HOUSE or the Sweet Box: You missed something! ETUDE HOUSE is one of the most famous Korean beauty brands –even here in Europe and not without reason: The products have a very good quality and are so eye-catching, too. Once you got something from ETUDE HOUSE, you’ll understand me.  some of my first beauty reviews were also ETUDE HOUSE products like the ETUDE HOUSE Dreaming Swan Lipstick,  Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek Powder and the Dreaming Swan Collection Cushion Case &Cushion (don’t be too critical, they were some of my first reviews ;) ) and…

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    First Benefit Boutique in Germany – I Raised My Eyebrows

    When I heard that in my hometown – Essen – Benefit will open it’s first own Boutique in Germany I was excited – well okay excited is understated I freaked out :D I love Benefit not only for the beautiful packaging but also for their high quality products. The POREfessional primer, Erase Paste and POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder are just some of my favorites, for smooth and perfect skin and not to forget to mention the mascaras(Roller Lash *_*) , which are just amazing. I love the whole store concept which makes me always smile entering a store like that, full of beautiful quotes and beautiful products everywhere and…

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    Kylie Jenner Posie K

    There is a huge hype around everything Kylie Jenner uses and so of course everyone is curious about her lippies and the beauty blogger world seams to be obsessed with it. But if you’re from Germany you will soon notice that it isn’t easy to get her lippies here. If you’re lucky you can find them on eBay for 40 € and additional shipping prices, which can be very expensive too. I was so, so glad and incredible happy after I won the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Posie K on an Instagram giveaway and even more excited when the package arrived at my home. Packaging  First of all let’s…

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    Marshmallow Dreams

    Oh yes, I dreamed for sooo long of buying a Colourpop lippie. On every photo on Instagram it looks amazing on the lips and so many bloggers are hyping that brand. Nevertheless Colourpop isn’t available in the stores in Germany but since I’m a huge fan of online shopping AND searching for good prices, I finally found one of the lippies , and one shade of the Colourpop lippies for an acceptable price (but unfortunately not for the 6 $ you find it in the US! I definitely need someone shopping for me in the US and sending me packages :D ) What It Claims The Ultra Satin Lip is…

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    The Beauty Tag

    I was tagged again :D This time – for the Beauty Lover Tag –  by my sister Laven from Berries in The Snow. Thank you so much, for tagging me my lovely and cute sis :) For everyone loving Korean cosmetics or wanting to know more about it: You should head over to her blog and read her reviews. 1. If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be? This one is really difficult. I never had my makeup done by a professional makeup artist or some one famous in the beauty world, but I think it would definitely e someone creative like Pony…