• Spring Look: Maxi Dress X Rose Gold Adidas Originals

    Spring Look: Maxi Dress X Rose Gold Adidas Originals

    Hello my lovely peeps :) Where is the spring weather and spring mood? The last days I’m eagerly waiting for sunnier days to feel perfectly in spring & summer mood.   If the temperatures are just in between summer and spring and are always rising & dropping again it’s time for a maxi dress, or better half maxi half “normal” length :D. I love maxi dresses –  I’m so happy that I got this one from  ABOUT YOU – an online shop selling a variety of stylish fashion pieces including a bunch of perfect maxi dresses –  to inspire your spring and summer outfits. Maxi dresses are always casual, but…

  • Romantic And Elegant Spring Vibes

    Romantic And Elegant Spring Vibes

    Happy Sunday beauties :) I’m totally in a romantic and elegant spring mood and using every minute to go out and enjoy the sunny days. With my mood, my wardrobe is changing a little bit, too :) Ruffles, spring colors , velvet & pastel shades are definitely my favorite trends for spring and I’m searching eagerly everywhere to get special and unique pieces, with cute ruffles or adorable sleeves. Today’s look is combining some of these trends to create a wonderful look for this season and spreading real spring vibes and pleasant anticipation for the warmer days. Let’s start with the key piece of that look: The pink satin bomber…

  • Spring Mood With JORD

    Spring Mood With JORD

    Happy Tuesday my lovely friends :) Spring is here and it’s time to stock up your spring wardrobe & the perfect accessories to keep fashionable in this season. In spring we all tend to wear pastel shades, easy fabrics and layer to create the perfect outfit. I still prefer most of the time dark colors :D .  Nevertheless sometimes it’s just the accessories which have to match & which have to create the perfect spring mood. How about wearing a unique watch – a wood-watch? This cool watch from JORD is made of grained golden Koa wood and combined rose gold tones with warm wood tones. The perfect soft spring…

  • Metallic, Ruffles And Embroidery

    Metallic, Ruffles And Embroidery

    Happy Monday my lovely peeps :) I know I’m not posting regularly at the moment, but I have a very important exam in the end of march and yes – I’m learning all day :D Nevertheless I try to keep you up to date at least once a day on Instagram, so don’t miss to give me a follow there :) Today I’m showing you my first spring outfit & it combines a lot of trends just in one outfit :D Let’s start with the metallic blush pink long sleeved top. I fell immediately in love with it! Not just because of that beautiful metallic pink, but also because of…

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    Caught In Chains

    Happy Thursday my lovely friends :) Today we’re talking about accessories, accessories spreading summer and boho vibes.           The easiest way to create a unique and extraordinary outfit is just to add unique accessories. I don’t mean just adding a necklace or a bracelet and that’s it, but to add body chains. Especially in summer I think this is an easy way to add a bohemian, feminine and festival-ready vibe to your outfit.  When I found this body chain from Born Pretty Store I immediately wanted to get it, to make basic pieces unique and add boho vibes to them. I love how playful and feminine the chains look on…

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    Summer Colors

    Happy Monday my beautiful friends :) I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day with your mummy’s and/or children and enjoyed a wonderful Sunday full of joy If you don’t know it: I’m a lover of HOT temperatures, meaning 30°C and higher :D Unfortunately we didn’t hit that mark, but almost, so it felt awesome for someone like me, who doesn’t get a sunburn. Immediately I picked out my yellow lace off shoulder top, from H&M, which I bought quite a time ago, but couldn’t wear until last week :) The details of that top are so cute and the bright warm, yellow shade just gives an additional summer touch…

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    Since the temperatures are rising at the moment in Germany, it feels almost like summer with 25 degrees (Yep, in Germany 25 degrees are SUMMER temperatures :D) – of course we have some days with hotter weather (and I love them, but mostly the summer temperatures are between 25-30 degrees). I LOVE this weather, everyone is going out and trying to use the good weather to do something outside and everyone seems to be happier. Something I’m eagerly waiting of every year, when it’s spring and summer are festivals and small open air events in the local area. Nothing is more relaxing and fun than to listen to music, walk…

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    Boho Kimono

    Bye, bye April and hello May :) This month went over so fast and we had very strange weather including sunny days, rainy days, hail and very cold and stormy days. Nevertheless I was glad that I found some days with good weather too shoot outfits, too. Today’s key piece of the look is this suede kimono in a dark camel from Pull&Bear with fringed details at the bottom. This fringes make the look slightly bohemian, which makes it perfect to take with you on a festival to have something fashionable, festival-ready and to wear over your outfit. I love this boho touch and how it adds a cool touch…

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    Spring Ready With Denim X Suede

    With the weather turning warmer it’s time to take out your favorite denim pieces out of your wardrobe. Denim is timeless, you can create amazing and different looks with different denim pieces, starting from cool denim in denim combinations, sweet denim dresses to casual denim looks. What could be more fashionable than combine one timeless trend with another trend: suede? Today’s look combines a dark denim vest (which is actually a very old piece, out of my mum’s wardrobe) with a dark red, almost burgundy suede skirt from H&M with a button border at the front. This two key pieces look cool and casual together, almost a little bit rocky.…