• Velvet Meets Tulle

    Velvet Meets Tulle

    Velvet is one of the hottest fabrics this season and now with NYE just around the corner it’s definitely time to pay more attention for velvet pieces meeting tulle skirts. I realized I haven’t shown you a festive outfit until now. Since I’m eagerly heading for NYE it’s the perfect time to  create a enchanting and magical festive outfit. Combining a velvet crop top from Zara in a grey color with a slightly ripped fabric with a midi tulle skirt with several layers creates a princess feeling. I love the light sparkling festive fabric of that skirt and those layers. I love the combination of those two fabrics, creating a…

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    Military Strictness X Fun Patches

    Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I told you I don’t visit Zara often :D You may not believe it or not, there was a time, I didn’t like it at all, than one time I liked their things but they looked awkward on me and YAY, finally I FOUND something again. Immediately I fell in love with half of the shop, since they have really a lot of things with patches :D But wisely enough, as I am, I just bought two pieces, which are matching perfectly into my wardrobe :) Starting with my favorite piece of that look: The military-inspired jacket <3 In the second…

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    Love Leatherskirts & Print-Tops <3

    Since I was in Düsseldorf for shopping yesterday I decided to choose a comfortable, but stylish outfit. An absolute must-have for every wardrobe is surely something of leather – for me as I love skirts &dresses – like a leather skirt. I love the grunge look you can create with leather clothing. It’s a kind of cool, but you can combine it the elegant way with a blouses or something similar.